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Bastard Mafia Game Thread; NYEH HEH HEH HEH x2 COMBO!
Topic Started: Dec 10 2015, 01:55 PM (20,536 Views)
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but yeah we totes need a goose-assisted exorcism in here
a tribute for the dead and dying

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General Goose
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KILL: Deamon
V7 peeps:
Nick Ogilvie
Ashlynn Martinek
Bill Winlock
Camille Bellegarde

V6 peeps:
Kiziah Saraki
Bradley Floyd
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General Goose
Jan 31 2016, 03:20 PM

KILL: Deamon
Goose had finally figured it all out. He figured out who took his daughter.

"You!" He said, to the short, shady looking man as he leveled his shotgun at him. "You're the one who took my daughter, aren'tcha?"

"I know about no such thing." Deamon responded with, curtly. "But I know how you work. You don't care what people say, you just shoot them in a misguided quest to find your daughter who died years ago and you still haven't accepted it."

"So whatever. Strike me down with all of your hatred, right here, right no-"

A sickening boom rang out as Deamon collapsed on the ground, dead. Goose was satisfied.

MK Kilmarnock couldn't believe what had just happened. His mentor, the one who had taken him in after the cult he loved so much was all but wiped out for the purposes of taking vengeance on the town had just been killed right in front of his face. He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out his rifle, the one he promised MurderWeasel that he would never use again because good people have no use for such weapons, and began unloading shots into random townsfolk.

The Father, seeing this, reacted quickly to put the threat down after he killed only a few civilians.

It was then, among all the death and bloodshed, that the town suddenly knew they were safe. No more death and bloodshed was needed. They could go back to their regular lives of being deranged megalomaniacs, safe in the knowledge that the threats trying to take over their town were no more.



The computer sat alone in her complex for several moments, pondering the simulation.

"I LIKED THAT SIMULATION. I WONDER IF THERE ARE MORE LIKE IT." The computer flipped through her simulations, and quickly found another simulation similar to the previous one titled "Town of Freaks Turn on Each Other, Bloodbath Ensues: The Electric Boogaloo."

"OHOHO. YES! YES!! YES!!!" The computer exclaimed before running the simulation. "LET'S SEE WHERE THIS ONE GOES."

GG No Re:

Deamon- The Retired Monster: Mentor
MK Kilmarnock- The Veteran: (Loved) Paranoid Gun Owner Cultist Mentee

The game has ended on a town victory.


Flare- The Only Normal One: Vanilla Townie
Primrosette- The One Who Understands: (Recruitproof) Psychiatrist Private Investigator
VysePresident- The Mayor: Suicidal Commuter
Bikriki- The Showboat: (Compulsive) Actor
DuckyB- The Living Tree: Deathless Mute Mailman
General Goose- The Revenge Driven Father: Compulsive Day Vigilante
dmboogie- The Town Bicycle: (Random) Roleblocker
Pippin- The Ace Detective: (Insane Death Miller) Cop
Yugikun- The Poor Old Bastard: (Novice Ascetic Lightningrod) Wise One
Loretta- The Creep: Ninja Voteless Tracker
decoy73- The Dimwitted Cab Guy: (Absolutely Hated) Compulsive Bus Driver
RemoteControl- The Good Ol' Doc: (Weak) Doctor
Aura of Misfortune- The Evangelical Nurse: (Loud Recruitment Protection) Nurse
Slam- The Mayor's Daughter: Beloved Princess


MurderWeasel- The Cult Leader: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Cult Leader
penguin_alien- The Cult Speaker: Usurper Cult Speaker
Frogue- The Cat of Schrodinger: Nexus Cultist

MK Kilmarnock- The Veteran: (Loved) Paranoid Gun Owner Cultist Mentee
backslash- The Gun Dealer: Gunsmith Mentee
Namira- The Absent Minded College Kid: (1x Bulletproof) Lover Townie Mentee

And also, because Deamon got dragged into some live balancing shenanigans (I am so sorry)...

Honorary Winner:

Deamon- The Retired Monster: Mentor

The fallout thread should be up in a few hours (EDIT: Nevermind we're doing it now). Thanks for playing guys, and win or lose I hope you had fun!
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