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Daniel Scott
Topic Started: Nov 26 2015, 06:28 PM (572 Views)
Cannon Fodder
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Name: Daniel Scott
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Electronic music, Counter-Strike, piano, hockey, baseball, soccer, sci-fi, cars, webcomics

Appearance: Daniel is tall and slightly underweight. He has medium-length black hair which has a natural tuft at the front, allowing him to style it nicely. He has a somewhat round face, which altogether makes for a fairly handsome appearance. Girls who have crushes on him say that he has a very nice smile and pretty eyes. His eyes are usually green, but flecked with brown so that they become noticeably hazel in bright light. Under cloudy skies rather than sunlight, they dull to the point of being light grey.

Daniel dresses simply in T-shirts, sweaters, and jeans. His trademark item of clothing is Chuck Taylors, of which he owns many pairs. He owns numerous Monstercat tees, as well as more traditional graphic tees. He prefers black jeans to blue.

Biography: Daniel moved from Vancouver to Arizona at the age of 5. He is an only child with Ultra-Conservative parents, and is estranged from them due to differing views. His mother, Marge, is a stay-at-home Bible nut, who once told Daniel’s gay friend that he’d be squished between Satan’s buttocks if he didn’t repent. His father, Wendel, worked for the Vancouver city council and president of an association of gun nuts that was trying to get assault weapons available for all Canadian citizens. They moved from Vancouver to Kingman when the Liberal government was re-elected in Canada. Within a month, Wendel had bullied his way into a high-ranking position in the city-council. He ran for mayor of Kingman but lost because his priorities were a bit too anti-Mexican to get the Hispanic vote.

At the age of 12, Daniel was home alone while his parents were away on a vacation. In the middle of the night, an armed robber broke into his house, believing it to be empty. Daniel shot the robber with his father’s bedside gun, but not before sustaining a large knife wound on his arm. Since then, Daniel has been unable to even touch a gun due to the trauma of the experience. Even looking at one can set of a panic attack for him. Due to this, he has an intense fear of home invasion, to the point of paranoia. His room is booby-trapped at night, and he rarely gets a full-nights sleep due to fear.

Daniel is happy and well-adjusted other than the aforementioned paranoia, but is fairly cynical and jaded. He keeps to himself at school because he believes that nearly everyone there isn’t worth his time. He has a couple of close friends, whom he has deemed worthy, due to their intellect and worldviews for the most part. He has no desire to make friends outside of the ones he already has. If he doesn’t know you, or doesn’t like you, He’ll tend to be cold and rude, but if you’re his friend, he’s very kind, warm, and fun. Daniel doesn’t work very hard in school, doing just enough to get by. He doesn’t believe most of what he is learning is important. Despite this, he is very intelligent, boasting an I.Q. of 142.

Daniel is an amateur EDM producer, and listens to a lot as well. He shuns country music. When not making music, He plays Counter-Strike or the piano (at which he achieved the highest achievement level in BC), watches sports or sci-fi films on TV, or reads webcomics. His parents enrolled him in a Karate class when he was very young, but he was miserable at it and only achieved the rank of Yellow belt before giving it up. They also took him to firing ranges, but he didn’t enjoy shooting and after the incident with the robber, he wasn’t mentally able to.

Daniel is a realist. He looks for the rational solutions in every situation, and doesn’t believe in magic or the supernatural. He is not religious, but doesn’t hold others beliefs against them. He enjoys a well-fought argument, especially if it’s on the topic of politics or religion. He loathes bullies, often standing up for weaker kids at school if they’re being harassed. He tries to stand up for what he believes is right, but since he is somewhat selfish, he’ll put his own safety first if it comes to blows. The exception to this is if he’s trying to protect a girl he loves, or a very close friend.

Advantages: Due to his extensive piano training and competitive gaming, he is incredibly good with his hands; He can untie difficult knots with ease, can wield knives or other such small weapons with skill, and overall has a steady hand. He has good reflexes. In addition, his spatial and kinetic intelligence is very good, and his hearing and sight are above average. A natural distrust of others makes him non-gullible and wary. He’s got a bit of gun training if he can get around his aversion to guns. Can set simple booby traps and alarms with the correct tools. Very loyal to his friends.
Disadvantages: Very little Social skills. He’s not good at picking up cues, or “tells”. It works both ways, too: He’s a terrible liar, and is no good at bartering or convincing others. Also, an extreme aversion to guns to the point where he cannot even touch one. He will NOT kill a friend or someone he loves. His loyal nature is an easy target for betrayal, provided you can get him to trust you.
Edited by PereGriNe, Nov 26 2015, 06:30 PM.
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Cannon Fodder
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I don't want to be rude or pushy, but...Am i going to get an evaluation on this?
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Cannon Fodder
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MK Kilmarnock
Dec 30 2015, 05:02 AM
Hey there, PereGriNe. First off, let me apologize again for the massive delays. In light of that, I'll make this as quick and painless as possible.

Here are the fixes Daniel needs before he can be accepted into pregame:

- An exact height and weight in the appearance section
- A birth date (V6 takes place in the late spring/early summer of 2015, so plan accordingly)
- Little tonal issues should be fixed. Of particular note is the description of Daniel's mother Marge which, while entertaining, isn't exactly appropriate for a profile which should be representative of an official document, bored terrorists or not.
- Maybe a bit of an explanation as to where Daniel learned to use a gun (even though said knowledge isn't used again after the burglary incident). If he was taken to the shooting ranges before the incident occurred, the profile should be structured to show that. For that matter, did the robber survive?
- His interest in cars is not mentioned anywhere in the profile. Ditto baseball, soccer and hockey.
- All advantages and disadvantage should be in complete sentences.
- There is a glaring contradiction in Daniel's advantages/disadvantages. His skill with a gun is listed as an advantage 'if he can get around his aversion', where his disadvantage states an aversion that prevents him from touching a gun. I can reason what you meant here, but the powerful aversion really should counter any chances of this being an advantage. Furthermore, if Daniel hasn't so much as touched a gun in 5 years, he's highly unlikely to be any good with one now.
- Why are his hearing and eyesight above average? Has this ever been noted in medical reports? This should probably be in the biography somewhere.
- How did Daniel learn to set up booby traps?
- There are some capitalization errors, particularly 'Ultra-Conservative' and 'Very little Social Skills'. Sweep the profile for little errors such as these. I will be on the look out for them next time.
- Finally, when you can, try to sneak in some supplemental details that could tell us more about Daniel. Particularly, does he have any fondness for his old home that he left behind as a young kid? Does he interact with others better outside of school rather than in it? What courses does he like? Does he find school too easy for him, or is it a decent challenge that he'd focus on rather than socializing? What's his favorite subject, or his least favorite?

Let me know when you've made these changes. I think you'll find me suitably prompt in my response.
Am I allowed to have had him kill someone? I know there was a rule against prior killing, but I thought it might be an interesting exception. If not, yeah, he survived.
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