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Barely Dead; Open
Topic Started: Nov 9 2015, 01:57 PM (339 Views)
Cannon Fodder
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Mitch watched the unusual looking girl flop down on the bench. He knew she hadn't seen him watching her; he had come to the arena via a little used trail containing many boulders and lots of scrub brush, which offered him much concealment as he approached. He was surprised at her level of skill, considering her frail appearance. At first, seeing her warm up, he had thought her just another "Weekend Warrior", someone who just got in the way of those who were seriously involved in skating or boarding. However, when she finished up with a trick it had taken him many practice attempts to learn, his first impression was eclipsed by a healthy dose of admiration for her pluck and skill.

Blair, he remembered, was her name. Mitch had seen her around school, but had only been in one class with her. He had thought her pretty stuck-up, having overheard several disparaging comments she had made about others in class, particularly one of the football players who really struggled with the difficult assignments they were given. He had been angered at first, asking himself what gave her the right to put down someone for no reason at all, but he had heard she had some kind of disease or something, and wondered if being sick could cause someone to lash out at others - kind of a cornered animal type thing.

He looked around - almost no one in the park today, a result he supposed, of the cool weather. Mitch figured he might as well talk to her. After all, what's the worst that could happen? He knew he could handle anything she had to say, and maybe she'd be nice, since she didn't know him well enough to insult him, yet. With that thought, he emerged from the trail and walked quickly up to Blair.

"Hey, that was some stunt you just did! I practiced for a long time before I could do it at all, and you mad it look easy!" Remember me? I'm Mitch, you know, from school?"

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