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Let Be Friends Or Enemies! (Otherwise known as the thread that I should have made a long time ago); Yeah, I'm bad at this sort of thing
Topic Started: Nov 6 2015, 09:53 AM (551 Views)
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You know, I kind of see something with Brendan and my girl Jennifer. I'm not sure if they'd be friendly or dislike each other, but they're both interested in writing and writing-based careers (Jennifer wants to be a journalist). They're also both in the Writing Club, so they'd at least know each other. However, Jennifer, while reasonably quiet and introverted, can be blunt and occasionally snarky. I get the feeling she would perhaps make someone as shy as Brendan nervous? She's also a meticulous critic, so if she ever reads any of his work she might get nitpicky. She tries not to be rude about it, though; she'll tell you what needs to be changed in the most blunt of terms, but she'll legitimately help you edit it. Thoughts on how he would see her?

Junko would like Jonathan, at the very least. They're both skater-y types, though Junko likes rollerblading. She's more of an "action" person than she is a "horror" person, but I'd imagine that she would sit down to watch 80s horror as well (I've already established her as playing horror games such as FNAF as well, if that means anything). Bonus points: she's super for LGBT rights because she has same-sex parents and identifies as pansexual. She also probably won't hold it against him for underage drinking and going to parties, since I ended up making her a bit of a stoner. So, she wouldn't be one to judge.

I think Ems would dislike Jonathan to some extent, though. She's not someone who would be cruel to him, as she's a rather kind and sweet person. But, she also goes to the tutoring club. Emma is super into studying. and is particularly interested in science (especially medicine/biology). The reason why she needs help with her work is because she has a chronic illness that can make it difficult for her to study. I'd imagine that she'd see him as a slacker who is completely uninterested in school, which might frustrate her. She wouldn't be catty about it, though. At worst, she might get snippy. I think otherwise she would see him as a decent, friendly person, just with flaws.


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