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Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Topic Started: Oct 16 2015, 11:54 AM (1,665 Views)
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And then Darius walked out of his cover towards him. Was Darius an idiot or something? He was pretty safe behind the car, and it’s not like Jeremy was in a totally terrible position or anything. He bounced back up to where he was before, although one of his hands was somehow still cold. He checked; huh, he still had a snowball. He was surprised he didn’t drop it when he got hit. Whatever, if he dropped it he would have just made- wait Darius was throwing a snowball at him.

He moved, let himself fall again. As he hit the ground a third time he saw the snowball go above him. He wasn’t going to get hit a third time, and Darius was going to pay for his cockiness. He jumped back up again, and threw his snowball at Darius.
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((Sorry, I'm breaking the post order to make Jonathan leave on this last post for him on this thread. RC gave me the okay.))

Bing Bing

Jonathan felt his phone go off in his pocket and he whipped it out quickly. Looks like it was a message from his mother. Asking where he was and that he had to get home right now so that he could tidy up his room. He grumbled a little. He wasn't the most enthusiastic person who enjoyed cleaning like his mother. But he still had to get it done. He didn't want her to nag to his father about how untidy he was again.

"Hey! I gotta go now, guys! This has been fun! I'll catch you guys later!" He got out from behind the car and he glanced at Michael. Eh, Michael looked like he was having too much fun. So he would leave him to it. "Hey, Michael! I'll text you later and I'll ask if you win this snow fight! Bye, guys!"

Before he left to go home, he realized that he still had a snowball clenched in his gloved hand. He glanced over to Darius who had his back to him. He giggled as he wanted to cause a little mischief. No harm in that. Darius would possibly laugh it off as a funny joke.

He let out a breath. Then he threw the snowball towards Darius' back. He then turned and started to quickly walk away to get home. He hoped that he managed to get Darius. It would be so hilarious. He was so going to tell his parents about the snow fight. Well.... After he tidied up his room first, of course.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere))
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Nathan decided the best course of action here was to quickly back away from the ensuing chaos once Darius stepped out from behind the car. He was starting to really feel the cold now, along with the ache in his legs and the sting in his fingers from packing snow with his bare hands.

"Truce sounds good to me," he called, hands in the air, but he was still backing towards his discarded bag on the sidewalk. Best to get going before they turned on him instead of Darius.

He scooped his bag up and slung it back over his shoulder, calling a "Later, guys!" back as he turned the corner. He'd had a good time with their impromptu battle and there was no need to be rude, but he really needed that hot drink and blanket now.

((Nathan Lovegrove continued elsewhere))
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Sunuvabitch! Michael's snowball missed Nathan by a long shot, he didn't even think he noticed it. Hell, he hasn't hit a single target since he got here. His aim's pretty piss poor if he had to be honest. Jonathan told Michael he had to head out, which was aight, guessing he had to get shit done at home, understandable. "Yeah buddy, I feel ya'." Michael clumped up another wad of snow in his hands. "See ya' later man." He turned to fire back at Natha- Fuck he's gone. What the hell? His he behind the car? Are we getting ambu- oh, he's already gone. Damn...

A moment later a snowball whizzed over his head and hit Darius in the back. Wait? Did Nathan flank us? Oh shi- wait, Jonathan?! Jonathan was heading home, but he still got the last laugh on that one. Michael couldn't really do much but yell out "TRAITOR!" in the least intimidating voice he could possibly make. What the hell was that even? Could a human even say that in such a high pitch? It was as if his testicles retracted back into his pelvis and reversed his puberty or something. Gee, this day really wasn't going his way, when your trademark Italian mafioso impersonation comes off as a trashy Bobcat Goldwaith impression, it's probably a sign you need to hit the bed early and cry yourself to sleep. With that, I guess it's time to wrap it up.

He tossed a final snowball towards Jeremy who'd finally gotten his ass up off the ground, (not like Michael should be talking, being the human slip n' slide.) and tossed one back to Darius. Damn, Darius was getting wrecked out here. Should he bail? Michael gave a not too long thought on leaving world war 3, Kingman edition. Ah fuck it, it's cold, my legs hurt, my dignity hurts, it's cold. "Ey' D' I'm headin' out man! My tits are freezing off out here!" He'd toss another snowball at Jeremy. "See you jackasses at school tomarrah!"

Michael headed out, making sure not to fall the fuck over again.

((Michael Crowe continued elsewhere))

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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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((GMing approved by RC))

The snowball hit Darius straight in the face, knocking him back on his feet a little. Good, Jeremy now had a bit of payback for what Darius did to him. Now he could get the fuck out of here. Problem was, he was still right in front of Darius, so escaping might be hard without getting hit and necessitating another bit of payback. Which would suck; as much fun as it was hitting people with snowballs it was kinda cold out here and it’d be nice to go home.

Luckily, someone hit Darius in the back, saying something about calling a truce. Sounded fine to him. He started backing off, before running in the opposite direction. He felt a snowball pass his arm. Whatever, since he was getting out he wasn’t going to make that count as a hit. Now, he just wanted to go home.

It was kinda fun while it lasted though, he only got hit twice, so he doubted that counted as a loss.

((Jeremy Frasier's memories continued somewhere forward in time))
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Hah. Got Jeremy...or not. Darius had no clue how Frasier could dodge it. He was like Neo.

Then, he was hit from the back. Jonathan betrayed him, apparently, according to Michael's voice Darius heard. Well, you've gotta be prepared for everything.

And Neo grabbed another snowball and hit Darius in the face.

Ugh, and some of the ice went down his cleavage. Not nice. Ice is not nice.

And then some people left and said goodbye to Darius while he lied on the ground. After recovering, Darius stood up and realised: Not some people left, but everybody did.
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