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She also fuckin' writes and shit
Topic Started: Oct 15 2015, 04:17 PM (149 Views)
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((Scarlett McAfee continued from Not On Target))

The Liberty Park was a wonderful place to be. Maybe it was a good place for inspiration. Maybe it was a terrible one. After all, they had cameras that could view her laptop. Scarlett finished a fanfic and reread it. And click, it was posted. She was curious about how people will react to her one-shot of Biggs Darklighter. Poor Biggs, he barely had screentime. But he had screentime, at least. So he'll be canon.

Other character aren't so lucky, unfortunately. Scarlett was sad that much of the EU will be gone, all being labeled as non-canon, when the seventh movie will come out. There have been so many great books in the EU, and soon they will not even matter anymore. Scarlett wished Disney would've just filmed the Thrawn Trilogy for the sequel trilogy, but no, they had to create something new that destroys the Holocron continuinity database. Although, R5-D4's backstory can go to hell, though.

Scarlett wanted to know what will happen in a year. In one year, the internet will be full of Episode 7 fics. She might write one as well. If she likes it. If JJ does it right. And hopefully JJ will do it right. Scarlett hasn't seen much of his other work. Scarlett's never been a Star Trek fan. She had seen some scenes, but they're different than Star Wars. Star Wars was better.

Really, It hath a better cast for sure
and it is epic like John Williams score
and Scarlett can think of rhymes no more.

Scarlett wasn't a poet, unlike Asimah. Oh, Asimah.

Anyway, Scarlett then went on 9gag. She absolutely loved the "Didn't Read LOL" gif. It was hilarious. Hopefully nobody would think 'tldr' when reading her story. Okay, maybe she wrote too much. It was a wall of text. But it's a story, it's supposed to be a wall of text. Scarlett considered copypasting the whole oneshot she wrote and count the words on a website that counts words. But no, that'd be wrong...

It doesn't matter how long the text is. She knew that. She read about it all over the internet. She shouldn't be worried about the size of the fanfic she wrote. It's about the content of the story. On the other hand, it seems a bit too large for an one-shot. Maybe she should split it into a two-shot? And build suspense?

No, it was already posted. And she didn't know where exactly she could've splitted it.

Come on, Scarlett, just stop thinking about that one-shot and wait for the reactions of the people who are reading it.

((Scarlett McAfee continued in Luz Interpretation))
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