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Jonathan Gulley
Topic Started: Jul 30 2015, 08:16 PM (307 Views)
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Name: Jonathan Gulley
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests; Playing pranks, skateboarding, video games, parties, playing the guitar and horror movies.

Appearance: Jonathan is a very short and a skinny teenager who is at the height of 5'1" and at the weight of 124Ibs. Jonathan is Caucasian and he has a habit of wearing one diamond earring on his left ear. His hair is the color of a snowy blond that is cut short and he spikes it up messily with some hair gel. His eyes are the color of a light blue and the shape of his face is slightly rounded. His lips are a bit pouty and he makes sure that he has a neat shaved appearance. He is seen as more cute-looking than handsome and he has a small scar on his right cheek due to an incident when he was younger.

Jonathan loves to wear anything that he thinks that is cool to him and he might wear anything randomly. He will sometimes wear bright-colored t-shirts and dark-colored jeans or he will do the opposite of that. He normally loves to wear black trainers and a red hoodie that is too bright for people's eyes to gaze at. He wears a golden necklace that is in the shape of a cross around his neck that was a gift from his mother for his fourth birthday.

Biography: Jonathan was an only child that was born on February 14 to Harold and Mary-Jane Gulley in Kingsman, Arizona. His parents had married at a young age and they planned to have a child together. They were both happy when their son came into their lives and they raised him in a loving home. Harold was working as a bus driver and Mary-Jane had a job as a hairdresser. When they were too busy with work; they would either have a babysitter take care of Jonathan or Mary-Jane would take him to work with her as her friends loved to spend some of their time looking after her son.

Jonathan was quite a troublesome child in elementary school as he would like to disturb other students from learning, he would steal other students' belongings, he would get bored of lessons and fall asleep in class and he would refuse to hand in his homework. His teachers and his parents were very concerned with Jonathan's insensitive behavior towards other students and they tried to make him do things that he would enjoy. Jonathan did like playing with other kids and he has a huge love for music. His parents brought him a guitar which he struggled to play at first, but he was determined to practice and he got better and better. Jonathan was very good at making friends and enemies in elementary school as he loved to play silly pranks on other kids that would either make them laugh or yell at him. Jonathan is very clueless in knowing if he had hurt other people's feelings or not and he would either apologize or cry when someone is mad at him. He still loves to play pranks on people who he thinks that deserves it for being mean to him, his friends or someone who is getting bullied by that person.

Jonathan was first introduced to skateboarding at the age of ten by one of his friends when they went to the skate park to watch the older kids skateboarding and Jonathan thought that it was cool and fun to do. He begged his parents to buy him a skateboard and his parents told him to be careful not to get himself hurt. Jonathan was very energetic and reckless when he and his friends went to have fun together at the skate park and this is where he had his incident. He was doing a trick near an older guy who accidentally knocked him over and his face got cut by a piece of glass on the ground. His parents panicked when he came home with his friends and he was bleeding and crying. They took their son to the hospital to get his wound stitched up and they were worried that this would scar their son for a long time. However, Jonathan was grinning the next day and he told them that he was still loving skateboarding as he enjoyed doing it with his friends. He would come home with new bruises and grazes and he would tell his parents not to worry too much about him.

In middle school, Jonathan was still a bit of a prankster and he would make sure to back off of other students if he thinks that his pranks went too far. Jonathan has started to make sure that he focuses more on his schoolwork to impress his teachers and his parents. Jonathan noticed that he would get picked on by other students because of his small height and how feminine his face looks like. Jonathan was really bothered by this and he quickly lost his temper by getting into fights with them. The teachers told his parents about how Jonathan reacted to his bullies and his parents had a word with their son about how the bullies made him feel. He told them that the bullies made him feel angry and his parents got him something that they thought would cheer him up; a video game. Jonathan actually enjoyed the game as it helped calm him down and he continues to play video games to this day as it would help calm his temper down. He will try to hold back on bullies, but he sometimes struggles to and he will feel sorry for causing trouble for everyone else.

At the age of fifteen, Jonathan would really enjoy watching horror movies with his friends and he loves to see blood and gore in them. He just wished that some of them weren't so repetitive or dull and for some of them not to have plots that were too confusing to him. But he is still a big horror fan at heart. Jonathan is also a lover of parties that he has with his friends and he loves to flirt with many boys at these parties. Jonathan always laughs it off when he is rejected by these older guys, but he is secretly insecure about himself being gay and he thinks that he should open up to everyone just to see what they will think about his sexuality. His parents don't know that he sneaks out at night to drink and party with his friends and he continues to keep it a secret from them.

At Cochise High school, Jonathan is a struggling student and he really dislikes studying. His mother really wants him to try to focus more on his studies and his father tells him to take it easy and just do the best that he can. His grades are of Cs and Ds and he feels like that is good enough. His mother is very worried about her son's future and his father told him to get a part-time job. Jonathan doesn't really like the idea of a job but he doesn't want to disappoint his parents more and he managed to get a part-time job at the Diamondback Ice Cream Parlor. Although, he doesn't like working there much, he is just glad that his parents are pleased with him working somewhere. Jonathan is not planning to go to college and he is trying to save up money to travel around the world to play his guitar to many different people out there.

Jonathan is a very friendly person who loves to have fun and he will only get serious if anyone hurts his friends and his parents or when he thinks that he screwed up a skateboarding trick, working at his job or when he is failing at his schoolwork. He has a very good relationship with his parents. However, he does get into arguments with his mother about his bad grades and he knows that she is just worried about his future. He has a closer relationship with his father and he knows that his father is proud of him trying to get better at things. He is very loyal to his friends and he told everyone in school that he was gay. Some people tease him about it, some people bully him about it and some people support him about it. He still has a very short temper and he still tries to keep it under control at school.

Advantages: Jonathan is very good at making friends due to his friendly nature, he is loyal to his friends, he is very trusting of other people and he will try to protect anyone in danger.
Disadvantages: Due to his short-tempered and his love for playing pranks on the other people; there is a good chance that he may have a few enemies, he may be too trusting, he can be insensitive to other people's feelings and he can lash out quickly when he thinks someone is being mean or unreasonable.
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