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Riley Quinn
Topic Started: Jul 6 2015, 07:54 PM (546 Views)
Cannon Fodder
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Name: Riley Quinn
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School.
Hobbies and Interests: Soccer, literature, video games, horror movies, archery, history, music

Appearance: Riley stands at 5' 7" tall and weighs in at 146 lbs. Most of her height is carried in her long legs, which also happens to be where most of her weight is carried; her hips and thighs are considerably wider than average. Her hair is a golden brown color, cut to just below her shoulders, and it's usually kept back in a loose ponytail to avoid having to do anything with it. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown, almond shaped, and bright, as if she always has a joke to tell. She's fair in skin color, with a very light smattering of freckles along her nose and cheeks.

Riley dresses in whatever is comfortable, which usually consists of jeans or shorts and plain t-shirts or tank top with tennis shoes. She's almost always seen wearing some form of purple, as it's her favorite color. She rarely wears full makeup, but always keeps lip gloss with her to keep her lips moist. She's recently started wearing her class ring on a daily basis.

Biography: Riley's parents, Alan Quinn and Samantha Summers, had only been together for five weeks before Samantha discovered she was pregnant with Riley. Alan, who was originally from Flagstaff, chose to stay in Phoenix with Samantha and the baby. The name Riley was chosen by Alan. He believed it could be used for either a boy or a girl, and he was hoping for a boy. Samantha chose the name Elizabeth for a girl, after her grandmother, and never really chose a name if it were a boy, saying that she knew it was going to be a girl.

Eight and a half months later, she was proven right, when her baby girl was born in Phoenix, Arizona on July 4th. She and Alan agreed on the name Riley Elizabeth Quinn, though Samantha never entirely warmed up to the name.

Riley proved from an early age to be an incredibly happy-go-lucky girl, always active and looking for something to do. She had a silly side as well, and enjoyed playing games with her parents. She loved animals, particularly ducks, of which she had a small collection. She always had a huge fear of the dark, which Alan and Samantha never really understood, as there seemed to be no particular reasoning behind it, and proved at a young age to be severely claustrophobic.

Riley became interested in soccer when she and her father set up a makeshift goal in the living room of their apartment when she was four years old, as a way to entertain her during a bad thunderstorm. Her mother also got involved in the game, and Riley actually legitimately won against both of them. Her father later enrolled her in a simple soccer class full of other preschool kids, and Riley actually became very good at the sport. She was also enrolled in swimming lessons, but while she learned to swim, she never fell in love with it as she did with soccer. In response to her little girl becoming involved in more sporty activities, Samantha tried to enroll Riley in a beauty pageant when she turned five. Riley went about as far as the first round before she quit, and went out of her way to sabotage her chances of finishing the competition by pulling another girl’s hair in an attempt to stop the pageant. The other girl's mother started a fight with another pageant mother, and in the ensuing fight, Riley ran offstage and refused to come back on. Samantha wasn't happy with Riley's choice and did punish her for starting a fight, but years later she admitted that watching two grown women fight over a beauty contest for five year olds was probably the funniest thing she'd ever seen.

When Riley turned seven, her father got a job offer in Kingman, Arizona. He accepted it, and they moved to the much smaller city, leaving Riley's friends and teammates behind. Riley, a normally upbeat and happy child, hated the move and constantly fought with her parents to go back to Phoenix. She was eventually forced to accept the move, and was enrolled in a local children's soccer team to alleviate the burden of the change. She did make new friends, and kept in touch with her old ones. Her best friend, though, was a boy around her own age she enjoyed hanging out with; Riley always had plenty of guy friends, but rarely got along with other girls her own age, who much preferred to play with dolls and kitchen sets rather than with soccer balls and video games.

On Riley's tenth birthday, during Kingman's local Fourth of July fireworks celebration, Alan, who had been with Samantha for nearly eleven years, finally proposed; she said yes. They got married in the backyard of their small house a month later, with Riley as the flower girl and her best friend acting as ring bearer.

One year after the wedding, Riley became even happier when Samantha gave birth to Riley's little sister, Emily Kendall Quinn. Riley loved that little girl, and enjoyed helping her mother feed and care for Emily. She even took joy in learning to change the baby's diapers. On the day before her twelfth birthday, Riley got a puppy as a gift, a little golden retriever she named Buddy. Riley had officially started junior high, and joined the band there, where she learned to play the clarinet. She and her friends enjoyed watching horror movies, even after being told they couldn't; she never found them scary for the most part, and often chastised the protagonists for their stupid actions. In 8th grade, Riley decided to try taking an archery course after her gym class briefly touched on the subject. She was decent at the sport, but it never replaced soccer as her favorite. Her father also began taking her to a local shooting range to learn to shoot a gun, so she could learn to defend herself, as he put it.

Shortly before summer vacation between the eighth and ninth grades, Riley and her father were in a car accident on the way to the shooting range. The car wound up upside down in a ditch full of water. No one was killed, but Alan walked away with a broken arm and Riley wound up with a severe case of whiplash and an injured knee. Riley, who had wound up underwater for a few seconds while Alan fought to free her from her seat belt, also gained a serious fear of drowning.

Riley began attending Cochetta High School the autumn after the accident, when she was thirteen years old. She tried out for the soccer team, but only made second string. Her self-confidence took a massive hit, but she did try to remain as positive as possible. She continued with the clarinet in the band, where she gained the position of first chair and began to learn to play the bassoon as well. She performed decently in her English classes, and gained a fondness for classic literature, Shakespeare becoming her favorite. She also did well in history class, where she determined that her favorite time period to study was WWII and the Holocaust. She performed poorly in math classes, and only did marginally well in science. She continued the archery courses outside of school, when she could. In her sophomore year, she tried out for soccer again, and this time actually made the team and was able to play. Her parents attended every game, wearing school colors and embarrassing her to no end. It was during this time that she began casually dating her best friend; they went to movies, the bowling alley, took Buddy to the park to play Frisbee, and other silly little cheap things. Once they hit their junior year, the two became an exclusive couple. She began teaching her baby sister to read, once Emily started to speak, and started applying to colleges around the country, in the hopes that she could study creative writing. She got a part time job at a local ice cream shop to help her parents with the financial burden college would cause.

Advantages: Due to her many, many years playing soccer, Riley has an incredible amount of endurance and agility. She's fairly good with a bow and a handgun as well.
Disadvantages: She's scared of the dark and absolutely terrified of drowning. She occasionally gets severe back pain from the whiplash her car accident gave her.
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Cannon Fodder
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I'm currently out of town, so I'll work on the changes and post it when I get back. Thanks!
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