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Nancy Kyle; アイドル
Topic Started: Jun 16 2015, 09:24 PM (455 Views)
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The basics are good, but I'd like a little bit more meat on the bones, so to speak.

- What kind of things did Nancy do that were considered to be weird? How did she manage to gain attention and yet not be disruptive at the same time? It seems like an odd line to tread.

- How did her parents respond to Nancy acting out? Does she still resent this lack of attention paid to her by comparison to her siblings?

- Are there particular animes that Nancy got into? Which are her favourites and why?

- I'd like more detail on her enthusiasm for Japanese culture, as for it to qualify as a separate interest from both anime and idol culture, thatwould imply that there are other aspects that she finds interesting.

- "Secondly, Nancy enjoyed singing, mostly upbeat pop songs that her Phoebe listened to." - I think you mean her sister, Phoebe - How did she get into singing prior to idol culture? Does she harbour ambitions towards doing anything with her singing? Does she ever perform?

- What kind of negatives does she dislike about idol culture?

- Are there particular roles Nancy goes for in drama? Does she get to feature? Is she any good at it, or do her attention seeking ways land her in trouble from her co-dramatists?

- Does nobody ever give her a reality check that they're just not interested in what she has to say?

- I'd like another advantage/disadvantage apiece.
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