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Ross Meade
Topic Started: Jun 4 2015, 11:11 PM (326 Views)
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Name: Ross Meade
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games (creating & playing), Reading, Swimming, Studying engineering and science, Building computers and electronics, & Surfing the Internet.

Appearance: Ross weighs 161 pounds and stands at 5’9’’. He’s a bit on the pudgy side, but he keeps in shape otherwise by swimming. He’s Caucasian, but usually maintains a light tan, due to his job as a lifeguard and his time spent in pools and outdoors. He has a relatively round face, but his unkempt reddish-brown hair usually obscures parts of it if he doesn’t bother to brush it. His nose is average, if a bit stubby. He has thin eyebrows above his hazel eyes. He looks perpetually exhausted, due to staying up for video games and Internet. He tends to walk with a bit of slouch, and prefers to dress in such a way where he can blend in with a crowd, go unnoticed. He's generally seen in a hoodie and jeans.

Biography: Spencer Meade and Katherine Rogers met in midwestern college. He was an Education major, and she was a Business major. Both came from the Northern Arizona region, so they ended up spending a fair amount of time together as they traveled to college and back during breaks. The two began dating around Junior year. After graduating, Katherine returned to her hometown of Bullhead City to help with her family business. Spencer, looking for further education, and wanting to stay near his significant other, opted to move to Bullhead city, and attend a community college there. After living together for a few years, they got married.

Baby Ross Meade was born one year later. At the time, Spencer Meade was working in a local Elementary School. When Ross turned 7, his father was offered a job at one of the middle schools he was a student teacher with. At the time, Katherine’s father had died. To give her some room to breathe, and with her insistence, Spencer took Ross with him to his new job in Southern Arizona. Ross was set up in the school system there as a kindergartner. Every night after school, Ross would sit down with his dad and they’d do homework together. On the weekends, they would usually drive back down to their home in Arizona to make sure everything was fine at the homestead.

Once the school year ended, Ross and his father returned to Arizona. While there during the summer, he found he had a knack for swimming. His parents signed him up for swim team, and he spent much of his summer either in the pool or at the pool talking with his friends. As a birthday gift, before he and his dad left for school again, his mother gave him a Game Boy Advance, along with a few games. Ross quickly fell in love with his new device, and it saw quite a bit of use over the years. As like the year before, Ross would go to school and do homework with his dad before bed. These study sessions helped instill a love for learning in Ross. During his free time, when he wasn’t having fun in the pool, he was in the libraries, or peppering his father with questions. During the school year, the pair made the occasional trip back to Arizona, but they rarely amounted to much, as Ross’ mother was extremely busy with her family’s company. Ross used the long trips there and back to bond with his dad. Once the school year was over, the two returned to Arizona. Ross’ mother was out of the house quite a lot, due to her work.

This cycle continued for many years, but this type of travel put a large amount of strain on the parents’ relationship. Just after his 4th grade year, his parents divorced. Ross was upset by this development, and found his own method of escapism: hours on end, spent reading about science and history. He would end up staying with his dad during the school year, and staying with his mom during the summers. During the summers, he would swim with his team, help his mom in her shop, and continue studying programming. Ross’ father, during the summers, wound up doing some online classes, as he wanted to start teaching at a college level. Ross did not enjoy his summers, as his mother would often have to work late. He had little to do during that time, but he made the best of it. As time progressed, he would emotionally drift away from his mother.

As Ross’ education continued, it became increasingly more apparent that Ross had immense skill in science and math. In fourth grade, he was gifted a Playstation 2, due to his constant high grades in all his classes. The time he spent playing the console, sparked a creative surge in the boy. He drafted his first idea for a video game then, a 2D alien shoot ‘em up game. His father, seeing the Ross’ ideas, bought him a laptop, so he could teach himself how to create his ideas. In Ross’ 8th grade year, his father completed his classes and applied for a job as a TA at a community college in Kingman, a town near where he grew up. He was accepted. Ross, since he had a better relationship with his father, opted to go to school in the town his father worked in. Thus Ross was enrolled in Cochise High School.

He, as usual, continued to do well academically, particularly in his math and science courses. He quickly made friends with other nerds and geeks throughout the school. He was very amicable and friendly to the people around him. As his Freshman year continued, Ross began to find the schoolwork dull and not challenging, he took to playing various RTS games on his laptop. Specifically Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. His time spent playing these games taught him how to take his time analyzing a situation. He exploited many mistakes that opponents made in his matches. He was ruthless in these exploits. The work on his idea for a game had all but slowed to a halt at this time, as much of his time was spent playing his games.

At school, he was a talkative, laid back guy. He was friendly with nearly everyone he talked to, and was more than willing to help other students with their schoolwork. He was a genuinely nice guy. He loved to joke with people about various topics, the geekier the better. He loves to get into debates with his friends, as he enjoys flaunting his wit and the various pools of knowledge he has. While he’s a very amiable person, he likes to be the smartest person in the room. In his free periods, he’ll usually head to the library to browse the books for any he hasn’t seen yet.

He swam for the school swim team, and did moderately well there. Near the end of his Freshman year, Ross' math teacher suggested he take the engineering courses the school offers. For Ross’ mathematical and scientific knack, these classes sounded like just the challenge he needed. Following his Freshman year, Ross decided to stay in Kingman with his father, so he could hang out with his friends and just relax. But relaxation quickly became boredom, so he took to the pool again, but this time with a different goal than just swimming. He wanted to become a certified lifeguard. After a grueling two week long course, Ross walked away as a certified lifeguard, proficient in First Aid, CPR, Defibrillator use, and other emergency aid skills. For the remainder of the summer, he worked as a lifeguard.

His sophomore year passed uneventfully. He connected very well with the Engineering teacher, and they talked significantly about where he went to college. He dropped out of swim team during the year so he could focus on League of Legends, and his other RTS games. As the year came to a close, he again began work as a lifeguard at the pool. Ross had always taken lifeguarding very seriously. The people in the pool were putting their lives in his hands, and he challenged himself to carry that responsibility well. As the summer progressed, however, he grew to be complacent. There had been no incidents in the pool at all during the summer, so during his shifts as the main guard, Ross would often daydream about his next game of Starcraft.

During one of his shifts while he was day dreaming about video games, a small girl dove into the water in the shallow end of the pool, suffering a spinal injury. After someone got his attention, he and another lifeguard got the child out of the pool, and stabilized her before EMS arrived. While he did manage to save the girl, the rescue rattled him. He would often go into ‘what if’ scenarios surrounding the rescue, none of them ever good. He quit his job at the pool, and spent much of the remaining summer in his room. He was plagued with the guilt of what would have happened had he not been able to save the girl and he sunk into depression.

When his junior year started, his depression was seriously affecting his schoolwork. He was barely doing enough to get by in each of his classes. He became significantly less social with his classmates. Instead of his usual happy, smiley demeanor he seemed to always be angry or tired. His dad grew worried about him, and tried to spend more time with his son and encourage him to see a therapist, but Ross preferred to be alone. Ross found solace in various online communities. He made a few friends through them and they were able to help him feel a bit better. As the year progressed, he did begin to break out of his shell a little bit. His grades in his various STEM classes got better, but he still wasn’t doing nearly as well as he had in early years.

The summer before his junior year was much better than the summer before. He saved up money and built his first desktop computer, a gaming battlestation, able to play almost any game that comes out. He also dabbled in a few other devices. His big plan for the summer was working on his Raspberry Pi. He wanted to make a little rover out of it, but he hadn’t been able to find the correct parts. Ross was nearly back to his former, cheerful self. Through senior year, Ross has just been going through the paces. He’s doing very well in his Physics and engineering classes and applied for a few colleges, including the college where his engineering teacher went. All in all, he’s just biding his time, waiting to graduate.

Advantages: He knows First Aid and CPR. He’s also an experienced swimmer. Ross is a pretty friendly guy, who can get along with nearly anyone, giving him an edge in making allies. His time spent in engineering class could aid him in creating structures or traps. Ross’ time spent playing Real-Time Strategy games has also helped him think objectively and pragmatically. He’s also a veritable walking encyclopedia, due to the amount of time spent reading and learning on his own time.
Disadvantages: Ross likes to be the smartest in the room, even when it makes others think less favorably of him. This can hurt him in the long run, as people may get fed up with his constant need to be right. Ross also may not be able to react to situations as quickly as could be, as he may spend time trying to think of all the angles.
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