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Topic Started: Jun 1 2015, 06:09 AM (1,295 Views)
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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Silence is Golden]

Oh, yay. Rain. Again.

Fiyori got it. Rain was important, and rain was kinda healthy too. In a way, a special and rare event as well. How many rainy days were there to begin with, huh? She could swear there weren't more than a dozen per year. Still, rain made puddles and other wet things and Fiyori whenever it rained Fiyori forgot about these things and quickly found her soles covered in moist mud. That kinda sucked.

But at least the sky cleared already.

She fumbled with a cigarette in her hands as she went over the campus. Every few seconds she looked left or right or behind her shoulders for teachers or other people who thought their job was being a gigantic ass. Not that she planned to smoke it on school grounds. She could get why it was banned. But she liked to fiddle with stuff. Kinda calmed her. Especially when she got nothing better to do than stand for a while. Or sit, or walk. And well, at that moment she fiddled with a cigarette and just fiddling with it couldn't possibly be anything wrong.

Explain that to a teacher, though.

Then she saw something interesting, and she halted. Two people at a certain location. One of them was Enzo. Guy... uh, dud- person who kinda had two genders at the same time and not really someone you'd just oversee. He wa- they were pretty easy for Fiyori to spot and quite frankly she liked her. Them.

When she was younger, Fiyori was super excited about Enzo. Not that Fiyori got all the nuances, but she kinda got the idea of them being not confined to one gender. Kinda digged it too. Thought it was awesome. Perhaps crept out Enzo in the process but that was a thing Fiyori was used to. The pronoun thing was a bit difficult though, even though Fiyori tried her best.

What, however, really caught her interest was a figure next to Enzo.

She carefully stored the cigarette in her pocket and began walking towards the pair.
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As Fiyori drew closer to the pair of gir- people she became more and more certain that the one that was turned away from her was also the goddamn idiot from the library. Now, Fiyori was kinda shitty with names and she also kinda got stuck on faces sometimes. But she made sure to reserve a little space of her mind - just a really tiny bit - for 'just some Junior girl'.

Come to think of it, that was actually an odd thing. Well, yes, there were a bunch of dumb kids and adults who pissed Fiyori off from time to time, but usually she accepted the inherent shitfacedness of the human race quickly and went on doing stuff that was actually fun.

Well, not that there was much opportunity to dwell on that oddity. Fiyori was already getting very close to the pair. In her mind, she went over some possible ways to - ahem - greet them. Maybe she'd sneak up on the girl, lean over her, get some scare out of her. Would've been fun. Though they probably noticed her already, no? Enzo at least seemed to be so, as far as Fiyori could tell.

She stopped a few feet before the pair.

"How's it goin'?"
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...heh, that was a good one. Rainy. She liked that nickname. For a moment, Fiyori pondered whether there was some special background behind it. Did Enzo and Rainy knew each other? Were they friends? Actually, no. People like Rainy, Fiyori assumed, were the kind of people to spit on Enzo.

Well, then they wouldn't chat together like this, or?

Fiyori drew closer to the bench, halting only as she leaned over the bench's back right next to Rainy. She turned her head towards the girl, baring her teeth in what was supposed to be a smile.

"Rainy? That's a pretty cute name." She turned her head to Enzo. "So you've been doing a vine together? Man, that's quite the surprise."

There was a definite hint of joviality in her voice. It was as if Fiyori was not angry at all. And well, she really wasn't angry. Yeah, alright. She has been somewhat grumpy sine the event at the library. And she did kinda thought of Rainy as nothing more than a stupid little brat. But that was... dunno, it was a hard thing for Fiyori to grasp. Fiyori knew, when people get angry their bodies get hot and their hands start trembling and the heart starts beating like crazy and they feel this primal urge to lash out and destroy and hurt and scream.

Fiyori looked at her hands, slowly placing them over another. Her hands felt kinda cold. Cold, frozen, without motion.

She murmured something.

"I figured you'd have run away by now, though."
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So they did not record together. Well, fine. That correction was to be expected. Rainy didn't seem to be the person to have fun and record a vine anyway. Didn't seem to be the person to chat with people either. Should've asked Enzo whether by 'chat' they meant 'I talked at her and sometimes her arm moves'.

Enzo asked Fiyori about what her business was, and... wait a moment.


Fiyori looked Enzo into the eyes, her head tilting just a bit in confusion. Alright, she got one thing. Namely that 'Chihuahua' was the nick Enzo gave her. She did not really understand the reasoning behind that nick? Like, was there something canine about Fiyori? Weren't Chihuahuas also super small? Something which Fiyori definitely was not? The question kept her occupied for a bit. Yet, she quickly remembered that she was asked a question.

She nodded quickly. Her right hand slid down to the bag she was carrying at her side. It was crammed, and you would even see some stuff bulging out at the top. It wasn't heavy. Only empty cups and cans. Yet one of them was still filled with two objects, wrapped in aluminum.

Burritos, to be exact. Fiyori took them out. She had eaten one of those in the library, no? Man, Rainy would've probably thrown a ninja star at Fiyori is she knew.

"Well, I made too much food and I guessed I could share them. Please take some."

She stretched the first burrito out to Enzo. Honestly though, it was to get something out of Rainy. Yes, it would have been a great compliment to get her to enjoy the food. Yet any reaction would be fine. Accepting it. Rejecting it. Anything.

Anything that drew Rainy out of her cover.
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An annoying thing the people around Fiyori often did was to remark upon her oh-so-great and hidden brilliance. Sometimes it was talent. Sometimes it was potential. Different words for what ended up being the same concept. To be honest, she herself didn't get why people said that. Her mother started it, she figured. And it kinda spread around their family friends.

You'd figure that you'd love to be showered with praise but Fiyori detested it. Someone would praise her intelligence. Some with grandiosity, others with plain assessments. Then they'd remark on her lack of academic performance. In other words, they meant 'You're lazy and you should feel bad for wasting your brilliance/talent/potential'. Here and there they even said it openly.

It was different for her cooking. Not because she took a warm and brimming joy from it. Rather, because she was good... actually, no. She wasn't. She knew too many people who had a far better hand at it. Yet, people enjoyed her stuff. Most of them only tolerated her because of that, she'd have guessed. Not that the details mattered much. Whenever people took a bite and responded with a smile, something happened in Fiyori.

Something warm.

So when Enzo took out a hearty bite and a smile appeared on their lips, Fiyori felt good. It was as if Enzo's satisfaction turned into the sun of a gentle spring day. Warming up Fiyori's entire body. Giving her a sense of being content, yet with new energy filling her entire body.

But, alas, it was a fleeting moment.

Fiyori glanced over to Rainy again. She chuckled shortly, shrugged with the shoulders and carefully placed the burrito away.

"Yep! If there's a thing I'm good at it's stuffing people. Always make sure to carry enough for more than me!" She paused for just a second and decided to speak more clearly for the next bit. "Wanted to give it to my two friends but they left already."

Welp, that was enough for now. Rainy was probably not going to come out of her shell. A shame, she'd guess. But there was another day tomorrow and then there came a few more and then they would all die of various reasons but that was quite far away anyway. Mostly.

"Anyway, I gotta go. Got some business to attend. Gonna give that last one to... some junior girl or something."

Yep. Fiyori got enough time. Usually, she wouldn't do shit like that, but for some reason she found some entertainment in this little farce. She could muse about the reasons later, but for the moment Fiyori had a good resolution.

She would learn what her goddamn name was. From her.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Just Wants a Distraction]

Also, she'd grab Enzo by the side somewhere and ask why the hell they chose 'Chihuahua' as a name. But that was probably not a challenge.
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