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Tiny Dancers; First ballet lesson
Topic Started: May 16 2015, 10:04 PM (736 Views)
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“You too! Bye!”

Next week the instructor would definitely talk to Bridgette’s father unless she had no reason to suspect that her new friend was involved. She was nice, and it was her first time here. So Bernadette turned to take all the blame as bravely as a six year old could.

Excitement, boredom, and just because. There were half a dozen (not very) good reasons that she could, and did, give to explain why she had dashed out of the classroom with the new student. Not a single one stopped her from losing her television time for the weekend.

Even upset, it was hard for her to regret the decision. New friends were one of the best things in the world after all.

[Bernadette Thomas continued elsewhere.]

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