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Turtle's Swagtastic Relationship Thread; #yolo #swag #420 #blazeit #cash #snoopdawg #airhorn.wav #dankmemes
Topic Started: May 13 2015, 10:10 PM (727 Views)
Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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So yes, for Penelope I anticipate... Irene only, out of my four girl roster, unless you see differently. Going from full profile, I can imagine that Irene might have been one of the first girls to approach her way back in elementary school and help Penelope get out of her shell. They'd probably be a good fit for one another, both super energetic, probably were able to goof off together in classes they shared since school wasn't a struggle for either of them. Penelope might have been delighted when Irene renounced sports and joined her on the nerd side. Might try to help save Irene from her own unbelievably bad fashion sense. They might RP together even, through forums, though Irene would probably be trying to encourage Pen to join her in the flourishing tabletop life of Cochise.


V6 - Like you imagined when you... were young...
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