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Cameron Herrig
Topic Started: May 11 2015, 11:30 AM (254 Views)
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Name: Cameron Herrig
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Music, playing guitar, body paint, wildlife/nature photography, painting, drawing, BMX, dinosaurs

Appearance: Cameron is 5'8Ē and weighs 134lbs with her weight evenly distributed over her body. Her face is round with a flat nose and small thin eyes with eyebrows to match. Her mouth is small and has a noticeable cupids bow and she has a small rounded chin and jawline. Cameronís hair is a light copper red in colour and is kept long down past her shoulders, although part of this length is through extensions. Cameron accentuates her fair complexion by wearing dark eye shadow. Cameron typically wears band t-shirts or tank tops with either skinny jeans or shorts depending on the weather. She also wears multiple festival bands and band wristbands on her right arm.

On the day of her abduction Cameron was wearing a sky blue A Day to Remember Unicorn Killing Spree t-shirt that she's cut into a tank top with a Mastodon creature bandanna tied around her left wrist. On her lower body she was wearing a pair of blue distressed low cut jeans with dark blue floral pattern sneakers.

Biography: Cameron was born in Kingman, Arizona on the 18th of November 1997 to Brandon and Joanna Herrig. The result of a romantic Valentineís Day Cameron wasnít planned to happen when she did. Although since her parents had been thinking about trying for a baby they decided to have her.

With both her parents being musicians and having a passion for art many of Cameronís first memories involve music or art in some way. This quickly rubbed off on the young Cameron growing up as she spent most of her time either finger painting, playing with a toy guitar or playing with a toy T-Rex her parents bought her.

As Cameron grew older she started to put more time and effort into learning how to play the guitar and how to draw and paint. Her parents helped teach her both as she got older. This was helped by Brandon being a guitar tutor and Joanna being a well-known local artist. By the time she entered middle school Cameron was skilled at both. Cameron had never put much thought into playing in a band. Instead being perfectly happy to play by herself and write compositions. That changed once she entered high school however.

On the first day of high school Cameron met Vanessa Stone. The two quickly became inseparable and bonded over the fact they both played guitar. Even though both of them getting into music for very different reasons the two had a shared love for it and it didnít take long before Vanessa pitched the idea of forming a band. Despite never having any real interest in being in a band before Cameron quickly accepted and found that actually playing with others was a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. The music collection her parents had accumulated over the years helped inspire and develop Cameronís love for all forms of music. With there being shelves and boxes packed with CDs, tapes and vinylís littering the house and basement. Her favourite genres are sludge metal, stoner rock and alternative rock and metal, with some of her favourite bands being Soundgarden, Mastodon, The Sword, Baroness and Kylesa.

Painting, drawing and photography were all things Cameron learned off Joanna and to a lesser extent Brandon. Her interest was helped by Joanna taking Cameron out into the desert with her whenever she went out to get inspiration. This also gave Cameron an appreciation for the desert surrounding Kingman as well as its natural life which is what she went on to focus her art on. Most of Cameronís drawing and paintings, when they arenít of the desert or wildlife tend to depict dinosaurs in either a prehistoric or modern setting sometimes being cartoony in style or more realistic. This is as a result of her ongoing interest in dinosaurs she has had since childhood. Some of her favourite movies are The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park. The reason she likes dinosaurs is that she thinks itís amazing that giant lizards could have also existed on Earth. Cameron frequently wishes she could see a real dinosaur but knows this is nothing but a fantasy. Her skill at art isnít as developed as her music but is still up to a high standard.

Cameronís interest in body painting started after seeing pictures on the internet. She found the art immediately striking and thought the medium offered a lot of creative potential. It immediately overtook her interests in drawing and regular painting. She still regularly practiced the other two but most of the time she put into art was devoted to learning the intricacies of body painting. She found it more difficult than regular painting but also found it much more interesting and rewarding. Once she got the hang of it she spent much of her time experimenting with different types of paint and different designs. It didnít take Cameron long to decide to mix her body painting with her musical performance. The idea she had being to combine her two biggest interests and also allow her to express herself more during performances.

After arriving in high school Cameron discovered BMX through some students she overheard talking. Interested in the idea of the sport Cameron started researching it and quickly became a fan. Seeing it as both a way to get around and have fun Cameron quickly decided to buy a BMX bike. She frequently uses her bike to get around. She also rides out into the desert whenever she wants to relax, be alone, do some nature photograph or just ride around. She also goes to the Desert Plains Skate Park every so often to practice her freestyle skills but she isnít serious or very committed to it.

Cameronís favourite classes are art and music. This is mainly due to her upbringing and passion for both subjects. While she is interested in biology and geography she is not committed enough in either of them. Cameronís least favourite classes are languages and maths both things she finds incredibly boring. When Cameron graduates she plans to follow Vanessa to Arizona State University to study art history. She has decided on art history because the idea of having to play in a studio band and being restricted with what she could perform and do didnít appeal to her. She hopes to keep Peyote Coyote going but is also prepared to start another band if she has to. Her grades at school also show this lack of commitment to anything but coasting by as her grades are good enough to get her into Arizona State, apart from art and music where she has been a straight A student since entering high school.

At school and outside of it Cameron spends most of her time with Vanessa, the two of them being nigh-inseparable. She also hangs around with the other members of the band. Generally she is friendly to most people she meets and talks to, but doesnít think much about what sheís saying and can wind up saying insulting or rude things for the purpose of making a joke. This has led to her offending people before. However despite this Cameron rarely talks about her home life in public, instead mainly confiding in people sheís close with and trusts.

Cameron's relationship with her parents was good at first. Despite her status as an unplanned child, her parents treated her well as she grew up and nurtured her and her hobbies. However around the age of fourteen cracks started to appear in her parentsí relationship. They began to argue more and threats of separation were made. Cameron having an understanding of what was going on retreated into herself keeping her anxiety and fear of the situation bottled up inside. Eventually Cameron resorted to self-harm as a form of release for all her negative feelings. After discovering this behavior following a call from one of Cameronís teachers; her parents eventually decided to stay together for their daughterís sake but the fear of her parents separating and the scars she gave herself have stayed with Cameron. After things being back to normal on the most part Brandon and Joannaís issues resurfaced near the end of high school. They started to argue more aggressively and eventually divorce was decided upon. Like the time before it Cameron has kept her feelings bottled up inside. Not giving any hint that anything is wrong despite the fact she is very stressed and anxious about what is happening internally. She has also become more distant from her parents as time has gone on. Preferring to spend her time at home shut in her room or alternatively spending as little time at home as possible.

Advantages: Cameron could potentially have a pre-existing group of allies thanks to the other members of her band being present within the game, meaning there is less impetus on her to try and gain allies. Cameron also has a degree of fitness others may not have thanks to time she has spent practicing BMX, this has also served to give her good reactions. Cameron also has good hand-eye coordination thanks to the countless hours she has spent playing guitar.
Disadvantages: Cameron has no filter when talking to people and doesnít care or think about anything she says. This could be detrimental to her on the island as she could say something at the wrong time and make an enemy or push a potential rival away. Another disadvantage is that the abduction has occurred at a very stressful time in her life and Cameron may not be able to handle the stress emotionally, potentially cause her to make rash or stupid decisions without thinking through the consequences.
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