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The First Mistake; Open
Topic Started: May 10 2015, 11:35 PM (2,209 Views)
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Matt watched as the table became emptier than a Republican convention in California. "Yeah, dude. Nice to meet you and all but you're right. Dry sandwiches are the exact opposite of fun." Putting away his water and standing up from the table, Matt realized something. "See you around, kid whose name I don't know!" said Matt, coming across about as rude as you'd expect. He sort of knew who Rick was, but decided to passive aggressively scold him for not introducing himself instead.

"We should shit talk dry sandwiches some other time! Until then, bye." Matt left the cafeteria, in hot pursuit of his education.

((Matthew Moradi continued some other place))
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Rick went back to eating his sandwich while Matt ran off to class. Did he not just introduce himself now? Maybe the guy had selective hearing, or maybe he was acting all "tsundere" because Rick had not talk to him before. Then again, there was an opening for future talks. He wondered if people could be a tsundere to people they did not like in a romantic sense. It had to be possible.

While Rick pondered all this at the empty cafeteria table, the bell soon rang. Rick quickly stuffed the rest of his face, grabbing his backpack to jog to class. He already had enough to worry about, and he did not want to include getting a stupid tardy slip as one of them.

(Frederick Brea continued to Just Wants A Distraction)
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