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Beginnings and Ends; Summoning Daedric Princess of Ancient Darkness
Topic Started: May 6 2015, 05:14 PM (776 Views)
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Well their parents might have thought it was a bit odd of Vinny at first, but why wouldn't they be cool with it, as Alice said? Vinny was their kid. Maybe they didn't always get their own way, but mom and dad had been able to tell how important it was to them.

The thought that they couldn't or wouldn't, potentially, have been cool with it was kind of an unnerving one. Enzo didn't really want to think about their parents maybe being that way, and just considering it, even for a few seconds, even idly, made Vinny more than a little uneasy. Alice probably hadn't meant it like that, though. They were just overthinking things, right?


Fortunately, Alice was continuing on, and that was enough of a distraction for Enzo to avoid dwelling on the subject for too much longer.

"They or them," Vincenzo agreed, cocking their head to one side as Alice produced the drawing.

Those unpleasant thoughts were forgotten as they broke out into a broad grin. Aw, man, that was awesome-looking! Nobody had ever drawn them before, and Alice had done a really neat job. Their eyebrows rose when Alice offered it to them.

"Um... are you sure? Like, it's really nice and everything. I thought you would want to hang onto it."
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Alice shook her head. "Don't worry, I've got lots of art stuff. You can have it." She smiled at Vinny.

The bell rang. Alice stood up and, with a brief, "See you later", she returned to her desk and started gathering up her stuff.

Vinny was a nice...person. Alice was glad to have talked to them. They were very good about Alice invading their privacy, which was good for Alice because boy was she a trainwreck just now. But yeah, she was glad to have met them.

As she hurried out of the classroom to her next period, Alice shot Vinny one last goodbye smile, and gave a small wave. She should definitely consider looking up some of those issues, they were a bigger deal than she'd though...

((Alice Baker continued elsewhere))
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