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Aaron Meyer; Here goes nothing.
Topic Started: May 5 2015, 10:21 PM (373 Views)
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Name: Aaron Meyer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th grade
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Swim team, Boy Scouts, Psychology, Chemistry

Appearance: Aaron chooses to appear as business-like and professional as possible, even when the situation doesn't require such formality. Aaron has a rather narrow face with a slightly sharp chin, with Caucasian skin that is paler than average. He has slim eyes that give the appearance perpetually frustration, despite his mood. His eyes are acidic green, and he has developed a habit of rubbing his eyes when he is frustrated. His mouth seems to only have three settings: a smirk, a scowl, or his normal frown. His hair is naturally black, trimmed tightly around his noticeably small ears and combed back so thoroughly that it almost seems to be a layer of black paint coating his skull. Standing at 5' 10" and weighing a trim 125 pounds, Aaron has a thin, semi-athletic frame due to constant practice on the swim team. Aaron tends to hold himself stiffly, as if he were preparing for a particularly punishing meeting with a company chairman. Even when relaxed, Aaron still tends to hold himself in the same position, with his hands tucked behind his back and legs locked at attention.
Aaron's outfit of choice consists of dark pleated dress pants and a white collared shirt, with black dress shoes polished to the point where one can almost see their reflection. Aaron is slightly farsighted, requiring a pair of thin silver reading glasses that Aaron sometimes forgets to remove. He tends to wear a loose black vest over the shirt, occasionally with an emerald-colored tie to add some color to the ensemble, but mostly decides to leave those additions at home unless such formality is considered beneficial. During the winter, Aaron chooses to add a thin silver jacket for the sake of convenience, as the winters in the Southwest are not particularly punishing. During the summer, Aaron occasionally swaps the dress shirt for a dark green polo shirt, but leaves the rest of the outfit intact. He calculated a style that he both liked and respected buisness-wise years ago, and there is no chance of him changing it. The only accessory in his outfit that he insists on having is a sterling silver watch, an item that he considers a lucky charm. He has since developed a nervous habit of spinning the watch around his wrist when he needs luck, often before important tests or swim meets.

Biography: Even before Aaron was born, his life was heavily influenced by the actions of his father, Carlton Meyer. Carlton had inherited a prosperous chemical plant from his parents, a company that had been handed down in the family as a tradition. However, Carlton was a greedy, slothful man who was more concerned about squandering the wealth hus company provided him than actually supporting the industry. Carlton's one gift that allowed him to get away with this foolishness was his silver tongue, which allowed him to talk his way out of or into any situation he pleased. This trait also allowed him to seduce Vanessa Isaza, a young woman who had family ties to a booming international trade business. However, it wasn't until after Carlton propose to Vanessa was he informed that the Isaza trading business was handed down to the eldest son alone, and was not split among the family.  By the time Carlton found out that Vanessa had not even an infinitesimal chance of receiving any portion of her family inheritance, it was far too late; Vanessa had already become pregnant with Carlton's child. Biting back his anger and frustration over the unexpected loss of future wealth, Carlton once again employed his silver tongue. He announced that their company's wealth would skyrocket before the company was handed down to his one and only heir, hoping to appeal to investor interests in order to recover the lost riches.

As it turned out, neither of the predictions came true. Firstly, the statement regarding Carlton's one and only heir was inaccurate by two. Vanessa gave birth to identical triplets, dubbed Carlton the Second, William, and Aaron, from oldest to youngest respectively. Secondly, Carlton's silver tongue could not make up for his inability to run a company, and the chemical business began to slow as Carlton refused to curb his family's lavish spending. Faced with a crushing reality of three separate heirs and a floundering company, Carlton improvised and announced publicly that when the child thought worthiest reached legal age, the company would immediately be handed off to provide the industry a sense of rejuvenation. Carlton hoped that this seemingly compassionate gesture would pin any blame for the company's eventual collapse on one of his sons, as long as Carlton could manage to keep the company afloat for two decades.

Thus, Aaron entered a household of constant, intense competition. Battling his two brothers for the eventual inheritance of the chemical business, Aaron had to adapt to this crushing reality quickly or be left in the dust. Because of this sense of fierce rivalry, Aaron's time spent in kindergarten through early grade school were marred by few friends and a strained relationship with his brothers. Attending private school for most of his younger life, Aaron had to quickly cement a role in the family to excel within, or risk being overlooked by his father. When Carlton the Second began leaning towards social connections and William started to show athletic promise, Aaron saw a gap and leapt for it, focusing heavily on academics. Aaron's school career from grade school through most of middle school was marked by outstanding grades and remarkable academic prowess, especially in scientific fields. Aaron Meyer became a staple name on the honor roll.

This academic focus came at a cost, however. Aaron alienated himself from most of his colleagues, deciding early on that defeating his brothers was the priority in his adolescent life. Aaron became rather antisocial, reaching the point where he became aware that his classmates, at the encouragement of his brothers, had started to consider him a stereotypical nerd, a classification that Aaron couldn't easily argue.

Midway through middle school, Aaron was struck by the realization that he had absolutely no friends or even the barest hint of social capability, a notion that heavily shook his belief in defeating his brothers at all costs. Aaron's concentration slipped, and for the first time in his academic career, Aaron found himself searching a quarterly honor roll in vain for a nonexistent name. Aaron began to panic when confronted his own shortcoming, an opportunity seized by his brothers for belittlement and abuse. Aaron found himself despising himself both when he studied and when he decided not to, unable to find a role that he could fully support himself in.

Meanwhile, Aaron's father was struggling under the weight of his company's inevitable disintegration. Finding himself comparatively low on funds for the first time in his life, Carlton struggled to cut expenses without having to change his lavish lifestyle. The natural solution, in his opinion, was to pull the triplets out of expensive private schooling and instead enroll them in nearby public schools. Bluffing about how the subsequent switch from a private middle school to a public high school was healthy for the boys, and a chance to start anew, Carlton managed to save his wasteful lifestyle while still appearing benevolent.

Aaron took the bluff at face value, eager for the chance to start fresh and appear more social than he truly was. To his disgust, he found himself studying Carlton the Second's behavior in hopes of absorbing any secrets about the bizarre manipulation of school hierarchy. Aaron spent the summer before freshman year in a mixture between intense academic studying to avoid any repetition of previous embarrassments, and spending his relatively substantial allowance on changing his appearance, attempting to look as professional and confident as possible.

Freshman year, as to be expected from any student, was a concoction of disappointment and resigned acceptance for Aaron. Upon taking the most challenging courses he could access, Aaron was disheartened to discover that the classes were not nearly as rigorous as what he had grown accustomed to in private school. On the brighter side, this meant that Aaron burned through his assignments with grades always north of a ninety. On the social front, Aaron found that old habits die hard. He still tended to avoid social interaction when he could, and his attempts at mimicking his brother's confident, popular demeanor led to Aaron being labeled a narcissist. The best Aaron could do was join the Boy Scouts and the swim team, intentionally choosing organizations that would look as impressive and well-rounded as possible to his father, while trying to avoid pitting himself against William's significant advantage regarding athletics. During the first few seasons of swim meets, Aaron performed abysmally, due to a lack of any sporting capability at the time. In Boy Scouts, Aaron performed much more impressively, jumping up the ranks at a stunning rate. By the end of freshman year, Aaron had already hit the rank of Star Scout.

When the end of freshman year rolled around, Aaron ended up in the top percentage of his class, and managed to secure a few acquaintances for the first time, what he considered to be a major achievement. As sophomore year approached, Aaron's win-at-all-costs attitude slowly began to return, although much less certainly than before. Spending most of summer vacation rigorously practicing swimming drills and crawling up Scout ranks, Aaron began to become less of a narcissist by imitation and more of naturally self-absorbed heir.

Sophomore year flew by for Aaron, with only a few memorable events; his achievement of Life Scout, gradual improvement on the swim team, and his sudden interest in Psychology. What Aaron had initially enrolled in as a type of filler class quickly fascinated him. He had always considered the human mind as an incomprehensible mess of emotions, and that each person was only capable of understanding their own. The ability to understand and predict a person's actions was groundbreaking for Aaron, who immediately attempted to apply it to his competitive and social standpoint. While less effective at forging relationships and more critical for knowing when to jump ship before the occasional friend group collapses inwards, Aaron was able to, more importantly, gain a leg up on his brothers in the competition for inheritance. Junior year was only really marked by two major happenings; Aaron's scientific expertise paid off and he ended up around the top of his class in Chemistry, and he reached Eagle Scout. This achievement was quite important to Aaron, who took the opportunity to belittle his brothers by proudly showing his achievement to his father.

As senior year approached, Aaron found himself quickly achieving to a large lead in the family race for the inheritance, happily assuming that it was due to his mixture of academic prowess and well-rounded extracurricular activities. The real reason, however, was due to the fact that Carlton had almost lost control of the chemical company and decided that the best scapegoat was the antisocial nerd of a son. Aaron, unaware of this, was quite proud of his achievement and decided to finish high school on a strong note, applying to Ivy League schools and once again maintaining impressive grades. Aaron is simply biding time at this point, patiently waiting for the end of high school and the subsequent end of the family rivalry.

Advantages: Aaron prides himself on his Eagle Scout status, and for good reason. This rank gives him noteworthy survival skills, especially when regarding camping and supporting himself in the wild. Athletic capability is by no means particularly impressive, but stamina be worth noting due to his dedication to the swim team. Mentally and academically, Aaron's specialization in chemistry could have multiple benefits, most likely in first aid or possibly improvised weaponry.
Disadvantages: Aaron tends to grow frustrated and begins to panic when his actions don't go according to plan, so threatening discrepancies could most likely lead to rash, unwise decisions. Also, if Aaron believes someone is in a lower state then himself, he tends to either be condescending or outright ignorant of the other person. In a competition focused on convincing others not to kill you, this is a critical flaw. Aaron is also extremely unwilling to trust someone easily, due to his track record of competition with his brothers. As stated earlier, in a game of self-preservation, having few allies is extremely dangerous.
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