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Imparare; Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio
Topic Started: Apr 29 2015, 02:42 PM (732 Views)
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[Dante Valiero: START]

Hamlet kinda needs to take a chill pill.

That's what Dante was getting out of this class, mostly.

Not that he wasn't paying attention or anything- he was following along to the best of his ability, if only because he knew he sure as hell wouldn't be able to parse a word of this without Mrs. Webber's explanations. But he kept getting distracted by important thoughts about why Hamlet was being such a jerk to people, and why Shakespeare had to use such weird words, and why was it so hot in this classroom anyway, and was he supposed to come home early to babysit? I should write these things down.

He should probably be taking notes right now, shouldn't he.

Dante picked up his pen and glanced down at his paper, currently decorated with some hastily written notes and some badly-drawn doodles of cats. He glanced at his copy of Hamlet and tuned in to what Mrs. Webber was saying- and whatever weird Shakespearean speech she was reading was most definitely not the one on his page. He rapidly flipped through the pages but, shit, she was reading really fast and all of these soliloquies sounded the same to him anyway. How far behind had he managed to get?!

He decided after a long moment of deliberation to take that chill pill himself and not worry about it for now. He'd get his tutor to explain whatever he missed, and everything would work out fine, right? He put his pen to paper and went back to doodling aimlessly.
"Well, Fenris, the King of Gossip. We meet again."
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