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The Weekly Grind
Topic Started: Apr 27 2015, 08:48 PM (1,100 Views)
Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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"Gah!" A witty riposte to be sure. Irene fumbled in place for a good moment, reached for her falling board in exaggerated slow motion. Maybe actual slow motion, since Irene sometimes lacked for response time despite normally on point reflexes. It really sold her natural talents short. But then selling herself short was something Irene just did. "I- I-" Irene managed to pop up a foot and restrain the board before it escaped her yet again. "I had a hand out, Sandy!" Irene wasn't really flustered. Even if she was in pain it was probably her own fault anyways, so being annoyed with Sandra would have been purposeless.

Well alright. she was slightly miffed that her nonexistent love for Sandra had been spurned.

"Come on. Don't discriminate." Irene was maybe a bit too eager to defend her inklings of passionate make-outs with senpai.

But Sandra was right, it was the time to declare a ceasefire before the continued arbitrary degeneration of their skills left them cracking their skulls open trying to do basic ollies. "Ca-ow-ard." There was no particular reason for phonetically dividing the word up like that, it just sort of came out. "But fine. A good general knows when to retreat and fight another day. This war shall be ours, Sandra!" Time wouldn't tell any time soon, what sort of war it was they were fighting. What could be known was that Irene would unfailingly return no matter losses sustained, be they three losses in a row to Sandra or the loss of cohesive bone structure in her wrists.

"But yeah, I mean. Uh. See you in school?" An awkward hanging question to end their time together. Response was moot, Irene was already gone, breaking off into a run impressive both in speed and atrociously arm-flailing form even though she had nowhere to be that urgently.

((Irene Djezari continued in Laws Of Motion))

V6 - Like you imagined when you... were young...
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Banki Assembly Line
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Sandra watched Irene run.

"Yeah alright, s'cool. Forget about me, I'm already too far gone of this world! Save yourself, or something like that, I dunno."

Sandra headed back to the bench that had her stuff, surprisingly untouched by the scant three other people in the park, and packed it all up before leaving.

((Sandra Dyer continued in Is it bright on Planet Cool?))
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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In the future...
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