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Don't Call it a Comeback; Open
Topic Started: Apr 26 2015, 09:23 PM (1,772 Views)
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Nadia acknowledged Fiyori's ramblings as a reply (phew). The girl seemed to have made her decision though, thanked Fiyori and went for the booth to change back. Well, Fiyori guessed she could ask, or like, look for this photo of Nadia later. Probably looked cool.

Fiyori went back to look at the polka dress, contemplating whether to buy it or not. It was pretty, but it also was kinda expensive and Fiyori would feel guilty later on. Surely.

Ah, well. She went to one of the nearby racks - if she recalled correctly the one where she initially got the dress from - and put it back again. There was a lot more fun stuff to blow money on. Food. Stuff to smoke. Maybe a gift, like a birthday present for someone. The dress itself would've been broken pretty soon anyway.

Come to think of it? Did anybody of her friends have a birthday soon? Jeez, she should start memorizing them. It was embarrassing to not even know the dates of her parents. Or rather, it was annoying because they became pretty sulky every year, but whatever.

Nadia still was in the changing booth, but Fiyori decided against waiting.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Silence is Golden]
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