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Min-jae Parker
Topic Started: Apr 26 2015, 01:12 PM (387 Views)
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Who is this sassy lost child
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Name: Min-jae Elliott Parker
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Goth rock and metal music, goth subculture, art, cooking

Appearance: Jae stands at 5' 11" and weighs 152 pounds, putting him on the thin side. Along with his light weight, there is a bit of awkwardness to his long limbs, as he is still in the middle of his growth spurt. Jae is bi-racial, with a Korean mother and Caucasian father. He has a heart-shaped face with a sharp jaw and cheekbones, almond-shaped brown eyes, a slightly pointed nose, and full lips. His straight black hair falls a few inches past his shoulders and is cut in choppy layers, and his bangs are long and parted to the side. He pulls his hair back in a ponytail when he needs it out of his way. He has three piercings in his right ear, two "spider bite" style piercings in his lower lip, and a tongue piercing.

Jae is very meticulous about his appearance and tends to dress for style over practicality. His outfits tend to be in dark colors, with extra zippers, buckles, or other embellishments, ankle or knee-high boots, and a tank top or t-shirt layered over long sleeves, often topped off with his favorite brown leather jacket. He frequently wears makeup, most often dark eye shadow and eyeliner, and sometimes nail polish.

Biography: Min-jae Parker was born on June 9, 1997 to Ethan Parker and Hye Choi Young in Stanford, California. The first year of Jae's life saw a good bit of financial strain on his parents, as Ethan was still finishing law school and Hye was a recent graduate, and both were working entry-level positions to support themselves. They held off on getting married until they were more financially stable, a few years after Jae was born.

Though the couple both worked, they spent as much time with Jae as possible during his early childhood. He was an energetic and talkative child, but was prone to sulking and occasional tantrums if he didn't get his way. It was apparent early on that he was artistically-inclined, and his parents encouraged his creativity. The family spoke both English and Korean in the home, so Jae entered school fluent in both. While he did fairly well in elementary school, some teachers reported that he could be hyperactive and tended to talk out of turn, and was sometimes temperamental and argumentative with his teachers and other students, especially when he didn't get his way.

When Jae was in fifth grade, Hye began having vision problems and difficulty walking and keeping her balance. She held off seeing a doctor, hoping that the episodes would go away, but when her symptoms became so severe that she was unable to work, it was obvious that there was a deeper problem. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and it was recommended that she begin working from home or quit altogether due to her impacted work performance. After a long debate and discussion, Ethan and Hye agreed that she ought to take an indefinite hiatus from work until her condition improved, leading her to spend a few years as a stay-at-home mom.

While Jae was happy to have more time with his mom and her illness only affected her severely every few months at the most, he had to learn how to be more self-sufficient during times that Ethan was at work and Hye was experiencing difficulties. Through a combination of being taught by his mom and trial and error, Jae learned to cook, eventually getting skilled enough that he could make simple meals for the family when neither of his parents were able.

Additionally, Jae began to show an interest in Buddhism; while Ethan considers himself agnostic, Hye is a practicing Buddhist. Religion is not often brought up among the family, and Jae could be considered a loose follower of Buddhist principles.

Partway through Jae's sixth grade year, Ethan reconnected with a friend from law school, one Vernon Kanuho. Vernon informed Ethan that he had established his own firm in his hometown of Kingman, Arizona, and offered him the opportunity to sign on as an associate, stating that he would be willing to make allowances for Hye's condition if she wished to return to work as well. Ethan and Hye debated the risks and benefits, and Ethan finally accepted, moving the family.

Jae did not react well; while he had coped relatively well with Hye's illness, the sudden uprooting of the family so soon afterward and in the middle of the school year left him feeling lost and stressed out. While Jae had always been a bit temperamental, the combined stress from Hye's illness and the move, and feelings of lacking control over what was going on tended to boil over into verbal outbursts. He was able to form friendships with kids who shared similar interests, but he also quickly gained a reputation at his new school for being bossy and impulsive, and occasionally downright mean.

Art had always been Jae's main outlet for stress. Though his behavior began to go downhill in middle school, he continued to work and develop as an artist, experimenting with different styles and mediums. His cooking skill also improved, and he began learning to make more elaborate meals and focusing more on traditional Korean cuisine.

In his freshman year of high school, Jae was introduced to goth rock and metal music, and quickly got into the subcultures. He liked the dark tone of the music and the goth fashion, which he began to adopt into his everyday look. Though he had finally found his niche, at the time Jae didn't make many friends that shared his interests and he stuck with the same social circle he'd had before. Additionally, he had begun to drift apart from some of his friends, in part thanks to his continuing issues with needing to be in control of situations and difficulty keeping a handle on his temper.

During the same year, several instances of disciplinary action in close succession at school forced Jae's parents to acknowledge that his behavior had become an uncontrolled problem. The school counselor suggested that Jae might benefit from anger management or at least general behavior counseling, and provided them with the necessary resources to find a therapist that would suit Jae. After a few general sessions with various counselors, they found a good match and Jae began more specialized therapy to help him deal with his anger and control issues in constructive ways. He gradually was able to learn coping strategies to get a better handle on his outbursts, and he currently attends counseling sessions about twice a month.

Jae began to embrace the goth subculture more fully as he went through high school, developing his own fashion sense and incorporating gothic elements into his art. At his parents' urging, he tried to branch out socially more, making friends with more artistic types and finding other kids who shared his taste in music. Around the beginning of his junior year of high school, Jae's parents informed him that he would have to start paying for the more expensive clothes and items that he wanted himself, and he found a job a local movie theater, where he has been working for about a year now.

Jae does decently in school, though he has a habit of letting his grades slip in other classes when he is busy with art. He is able to achieve at least B's in most classes when he tries, usually with higher marks in history and language classes than math and science.

Aside from art, cooking is Jae's biggest hobby. He finds it relaxing and enjoys the presentation of dishes, and he is frequently the one to cook dinner for his family, especially since Hye has begun working again now that she has been able to cope with her disease for a few years and Jae is more self-sufficient. The family tries to have at least one proper meal together a week, so that they can catch up on each other's activities.

Aside from butting heads over his behavior, Jae has a healthy and close relationship with both his parents. His mother and father do their best to be understanding of the causes behind his anger issues and encourage him to be more open to others. All of them are less close with their extended family, however, as both Ethan and Hye's relatives had mixed reactions to their relationship being interracial and their having a child before marriage. Things have grown less strained over time, but Jae still rarely sees his relatives outside of holidays and special occasions such as weddings; most of Hye’s family lives overseas, so traveling to see them is expensive and time-consuming. Jae has decent relationships with his cousins who are close to his age, but is not particularly close with any of them.

With the help of counseling and just generally maturing, Jae is gradually becoming more laidback and positive, though he can still be quick to lose his temper and is quite sharp-tongued when roused, and he tends to get defensive easily. However, he is learning to recognize when he has crossed the line, and he usually tries to own up and make amends when it happens. He is gentler with people that he is close with than strangers, but his general attitude is a turn-off to some. His biggest personal struggle in recent years has been with his sexuality; Jae has never been especially interested in dating, and recently he has begun to consider that it is because he is attracted to men rather than women. He is very conflicted about this and has been making a concentrated effort to be into girls rather than really explore the likely possibility that he is gay.

Jae's impulsiveness still sometimes gets him in trouble, and he still has a bit of a reputation as a bully. He sometimes feels as if he is just stuck with the image that others have of him, so he doesn't always make as much of an effort to stay out of altercations as he should. He also talks a lot, especially when he is nervous or anxious, which can annoy some people. If people can get past that, however, Jae is generally pretty friendly and always willing to talk about art or music with those who are interested. He is happy with his own company, but he also enjoys being around people in casual settings. He is a social smoker and drinker, partaking in alcohol and cigarettes if they are available at parties, and occasionally sneaking cigarettes from older friends when stressed. He never does harder drugs, mostly out of fear of the consequences if his parents were to find out.

Jae isn't sure if he wants to attend college after graduating, but he does know that he wants to have a career that involves his art. He is considering taking a year off to travel.

Advantages: Jae is fairly self-sufficient and doesn't suffer from spending time away from others. He may be able to use the anger management techniques he has learned to keep himself calm under stress. He has a control-oriented attitude, which may help him organize allies and assume a leadership role if necessary.
Disadvantages: Jae is impulsive and doesn't always think before jumping into things. He is not very fit or athletic. His anger problems and reputation as a mouthy bully may bias other people against him.
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