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Maureen Brown; Math Teacher
Topic Started: Apr 18 2015, 03:01 AM (232 Views)
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Name: Maureen Brown
Position: Math Teacher
Gender: Female
Age: 59

Appearance: Standing at 5'0” and weighing 101 lbs, Mrs. Brown is very small and frail looking woman who students joke looks as ancient as the school itself. She appears even older than her actual age, but some of that may be in how she caries herself. Her hair is kept in a tight bob and she prefers wearing smart shirts with cardigans over the top and long dresses.

Biography/Personality: Mrs. Brown has been a teacher since she left college, and while rumors persist that she was nice once no student in Cochise has seen any evidence of this during her lessons. Her teaching style is straight to the point and she doesn't tolerate any messing around. This zero tolerance policy towards trouble-making helps keep her classroom in order, and even though some students in the past have enjoyed playing pranks on her, such as putting her dry erase markers out of her reach on top of the board, most know better than to openly mess around in her lessons. The generally serious atmosphere of her classes, however, is reflected in her students' grades; those who don't totally fail are usually on the higher end of the spectrum.

Despite her in-class demeanor, Mrs. Brown is well-liked by her colleagues and parents for being very warm and friendly during time in the staff room or at events outside of school hours.
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