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Angel Brand; Police Officer, STAFF ONLY NPC
Topic Started: Apr 18 2015, 02:59 AM (299 Views)
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Name: Angel Brand
Position: Police officer
Gender: Male
Age: 31

Appearance: Officer Brand is imposing, standing at 6'3'' with an athletic figure, though this is paired with a boyish face. He keeps himself in shape by jogging and frequently visiting the gym. His morning run takes him through Kingman, meaning he's a familiar sight to many early risers. Brand has mocha colored skin and black hair with a deep side part on the left side of his head. His eyes are gray, but wears large sunglasses while on duty. While in civilian dress he's usually wearing workout shorts and a t-shirt with a beer logo.

Biography/Personality: Officer Brand is a third generation Mexican-American, born and raised in Kingman. As such, he knows all of its nooks and crannies and is quite familiar with its culture. When off-duty he's easygoing and likes to pal around with people all over town, but while on duty he's all business. Most people around town like him as long as they've had no run-ins with the law, and he's always been fair and honest while on the job, seeing the trust of the people he's protecting as the most valuable asset he has.

When he's not on duty, his two favorite hobbies are basketball and working on his motorcycle. Officer Brand will frequently ask to join games of basketball in the park if the players are amicable. He's fairly happy with his station in life and doesn't have lofty ambitions besides to serve and protect his hometown.
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