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The Dragon of Herald Arrives!; And possibly other characters too
Topic Started: Feb 17 2015, 02:31 AM (776 Views)
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Ryuu's parents decided that they didn't want to raise him in Vegas, and also at that time his father wasn't too far along in his career path. Though they might not have chosen the best place in Kingman, by the point they would have wanted to move away Ryuu already had a good life there.

I'd imagine if Ryuu knew Rod before his injury he'd definitely want to help him out some if he could, though if they only met in the current year Ryuu might have a bit of an issue getting past his more abrasive personality. With Kaylee they'd probably get along since Ryuu does his best for anyone involved with Theatre, but go ahead and PM what you have and I'll be able to say more. I think Ryuu would get along with Curtis, though Ryuu isn't exactly the best at keeping up with his roots, but he might be able to show him how to make some Japanese dishes or even help him learn some Japanese if you wanted. I'm not entirely sure if Ryuu would have drugs or alcohol at his parties. I still think he doesn't want them getting too out of hand. But I have thought about the possibility of Ryuu using weed strictly around friends, probably never in large groups.

Anyway, PM me for any specifics you have, and also with what you have or Kaylee. I'll possibly be able to say more.
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Man, what kind of high school party doesn't have any booze? :P Curtis would be fine with selling small amounts of weed to him and supplying any party stuff though, and of course he's careful with his business so if he got the vibe that this dude wouldn't be interested in certain deals he probably wouldn't even bring 'em up. I'll get into more specifics another time, but I've sent the pastebin. Good chance Rod would've known him pre-injury though.
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