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Suddenly, a Relationship Thread; aka discuss ideas with Kami
Topic Started: Feb 9 2015, 03:18 AM (1,718 Views)
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Hi KamiKaze! I'll just try to hash out a few ideas here for relationships between our characters!
Emma- Candice has probably passed by her in the hallways, but they've probably only have had a couple of chats. Jane may have a somewhat more antagonistic relationship with her, because Jane loves to be in charge, and has a short temper.

Junko- Candice would probably know of Junko in passing, but I'm not sure of more than that. Jane may talk to Junko about hiking, but they may also not get along, because they're somewhat similar in personality.

Jennifer- I could see Jane being pretty good friends with Jennifer, due to the fact that Jane LOVES movies, and reviews them. Also, I can see Jane being the more outgoing of the two, as Jane tends to get along with people who are more introverted, instead of people who are more like her. Candice may know Jennifer, but I'm not really sure what they'd have in common.
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