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Suddenly, a Relationship Thread; aka discuss ideas with Kami
Topic Started: Feb 9 2015, 03:18 AM (1,707 Views)
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Jordan just got through the queue so I'll give a few ideas for him.

I think Jennifer and Jordan might get along pretty well. They both have shared interests in writing and while Jordan doesn't specifically seek out specific styles of movies, he does watch most things that he views as influential or well rated so he might know a bit about the experimental scene.

Jordan would totally judge Junko a lot for the way she acts, and though he isn't the type to make these kind of thoughts known, I'd think they might be mildly antagonistic if they do know each other very well.

Jordan and Emma have similar personalities and approaches to things and she seems like the kind of person that he'd largely be friendly with.

Also just a confirmation on Amanda and Junko, any idea on how Junko would feel about Amanda? I'd think Amanda would by and large be cool with Junko and they could be quite friendly, but I don't think we confirmed that?
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