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everyone took all the witty titles
Topic Started: Jan 24 2015, 04:13 PM (920 Views)
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On Bradley

Ulysses is probably pretty okay with him. They're not BFFs or anything, but he's really hard to offend so most of Bradley's negative stuff wouldn't affect him.

Alex probably doesn't interact with him much. The seem to run in different circles and I can't think of a reason he'd reach out to him at the moment.

Jacob dislikes him but mostly just grumps away if he's around and avoids him when he and Danny are hanging out.

Abby probably likes him when he's not being an ass and has probably tried to give him at least one gentle nudge talking to about hurting people when he doesn't mean to.

Ty's probably at least threatened him. He doesn't stomach mockery very well.

On Ashlynn

Feels like she and Ulysses would clash since he's an ultra-slacker, and she'd probably view him as less knowledgeable than her. Does she debate? Seeing them bump heads in debate would be fun.

Alex probably rubs elbows with her. Her interests seems like they'd involve her with the local political community and he's a mover there, and while his intentions are ultimately self-serving he frames them as altruistic enough that they could enjoy a good relationship.

Probably not a lot between her and Jacob, they just move in different spaces.

I think she would get along well with Abby, Abby's big into volunteering and altruism, so they could be friends.

Ty's another person she'd probably look down on, and he'd look down on her as well. The way he views the world would render most of what she does as just pointless cyclical bullshit, and she'd probably think of him as pretty fatalistic.

On Kiziah

I think Ulysses would get along with her alright, as acquaintances. Nothing major, but along the lines of "Hey, I know that girl, she's pretty okay."

Pretty much the same for Alex, though his would be more negatively tinted just because she can't lie and tends to be easily misled, while also not offering him much to merit him manipulating her. Pity leaning towards distaste, essentially.

Jacob might like her. He likes people that are honest. I'm not sure what their relationship would be, but she's a person he'd respect, at least.

Abby would love her and probably play a little protective of her, trying to keep misunderstandings from cropping up and the like. I could see them being really good friends though.

I think Ty would probably like her as well. Does Kiziah tutor? He could use a math tutor since it's one of his worst subjects, and that could be a fun way for them to meet. They're also both Nigerian, so there's some commonality that could be built on there.
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