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Topic Started: Jan 20 2015, 06:24 PM (898 Views)
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Of your three girls, I feel like the only one that Lili (my waiting-to-be-approved character) would get along with would be Jennifer Su
Both are immigrants from China and both like music and musical theory, so I can see them bonding over that. Jennifer goes for walks and Lili spends a good deal of time in the park, so the two may have run into each other at some point. In addition, Jennifer's hard working attitude is something that Lili would probably respect. At the very least, they'd likely be on good terms.
Nancy Kyle, on the other hand, is probably someone that Lili would detest. As someone into more obscure (and more than slightly pretentious) music, Lili would find Nancy's fascination with idol culture and J-pop to be aggravating, and would stay away from her whenever she could. In person, Lili would tolerate her, but when alone Lili would want nothing to do with her.
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