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what are friends, are they edible; friends for some top lads
Topic Started: Jan 20 2015, 04:58 PM (927 Views)
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For Bryony:
- If Clarice sees her getting picked on, she'll step in and be like 'you, jerk, fuck off.' (In different words but y'know.) Could have led to at least an aquaintancy.

For Astrid:
- Seeing as they're both pretty stubborn, Astrid and Clarice might butt heads a little. (Although depending on the type of exercise Astrid does they might also run into each other a fair bit in a more relaxed exercise-tiem context.)

For Mia:
- I feel like Danny would have flirted with her at least once. (Probably would have seen her sports skills and her bubbly friendly personality and been like "omg she's cool and sparkly I MUST WOO HER." If Mia would reject the flirtations (either due to lack of romantic interest or hearing of his reputation) he'd be bummed out for a couple of days but then probably open to proper friendship after. If it had or will go into dating it probably won't end that well due to Danny's flighty nature, though.

For Morgan:
- I feel like he and Danny are probably at least friends on a surface level since they both value being popular and cool. (And similarly hide the less cool aspects of themselves.) Also if Danny ever saw the sketching skills he'd probably be impressed. (Danny's tried drawing and he's awful at it.)
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