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guys i need friends ;); Yugi's relationship thread????
Topic Started: Jan 20 2015, 03:08 AM (2,504 Views)
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I need more friends for my kids if you don't mind. : )


Brendan would possibly like how friendly he is. Although Brendan may not understand some of Jeremy's jokes. And if they got into an argument, Brendan will back down immediately and he would apologize to Jeremy. Brendan might be okay friends with him?

Scarlett is already on there. And I'm okay with it being like that.

Jonathan is best friends with Michael Crowe. So there a chance that he and Jeremy might not get along. Jonathan isn't really a bully, he's just the type of guy who hangs out with bullies. He also sensitive so he might take one of Jeremy's jokes the wrong way. What do you think?


Brendan would really like Alvaro as he like nice people and Brendan really likes the food at the café. So there's a chance that he may have talk with Alvaro there. Brendan would be happy to know that Alvaro is into sports as well as he is on the Track team. So they might talk about that with each other. Brendan is always interested to learn about other people's hobbies.

Scarlett would definitely like him as she likes to be friendly to most people. She might also occasionally visit his family's café to see him or have some food there. She wouldn't have a problem with hanging out with him.


Brendan will on one hand be thankful that Ben does not tolerate any bullies and he may look up to him a little for that. However on the other hand, he will be hurt with Ben being homophobic since Brendan is bi. Although, Brendan might be too uncomfortable with calling Ben out on using slurs so he will stay quiet about it. So I think they would have a shaky relationship with each other.

Scarlett will like how reliable and nice Ben is. She may be a bit uncomfortable with how he acts towards gay people. Other than that, they may get along fine with each other.

Jonathan is the best friend of Michael Crowe, he is gay and has a crush on his best friend. He knows that Ben and Michael do not get along at all. So he will try to play the peacemaker as he doesn't really like bullying other people (it's complicated) and he likes to try to be friendly to everyone. Although, if Jonathan is in a bad mood and he gets too sensitive to Ben's slurs, he will lash out at Ben verbally and he will need time to cool down before he will give an apology to Ben. However, he would want an apology from Ben for being such a homophobe. So they might have a slight dislike for each other. Jonathan doesn't really think Ben is a bad person, he just feels really disappointed with how he acts towards people who are gay.

What do you think? I'm not very good at this. So I would like your opinion. : )

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