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guys i need friends ;); Yugi's relationship thread????
Topic Started: Jan 20 2015, 03:08 AM (2,498 Views)
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Concerning Jeremy, I think he and Joshua Bracewell might get along well. They’re both music buffs and band members (Joshua plays the piano as well – in addition to being a skilled flautist and being taught drumming by his elder brother) and seem to have personalities that I feel would mesh well together, rather than be polar opposites~ I can’t really see much for either Hazel or Oskar, though Oskar’s a peppy social butterfly whom tries to befriend as many people as he can – so I think he’d at least be on speaking terms with Jeremy and would probably try and start a conversation whenever they saw each other.

With Alvaro, I think he and Oskar Pearce would be a good fit. Oskar has a major sweet tooth, so I can imagine him coming into the café fairly often and downing a couple mugs of something like Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate. He’s also very chatty, though he does worry what others think of him at the same time – although he’s able to keep it all down internally. (I have this image in my head of the two of them getting a tad flustered whilst talking to each other and worrying what the other thinks of them XD) I think Joshua would like him, and might stop in in the morning or after one of his clubs to grab a cappuccino or chai tea, and Hazel likely wouldn’t have much issue with him.

Yay, words! I hope that’s something, Yugi! <3
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