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Topic Started: Jan 20 2015, 02:49 AM (1,804 Views)
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Joshua Everett BracewellFrom the first read. I think B might think that Joshua [he'll ALWAYS use his full name] is kind of a bore. Polos, Khakis, student council? Blech. But B does want to be in the yearbook a lot... It'd be light teasing and encouragement to go overboard on Energy Drinks. Maybe even trying to push it further than just energy drinks if the mood calls for it. Anything to get you doing something WEIRD for once!Student Council and Badminton may balance it out, but will be absolutely merciless about the stutter if he ever feels like Josh-y needs to be put in his place. Josh is Rich, Tall, and Attractive. So probably instant competition. Richard will be constantly trying to outdo/one up Joshua.
Hazel JungB shares Hazel's love of the stage and theater. He probably admires the fact the she just loves it for the sake of the craft [I'm curious about how she'd react to B's much more selfish reasoning]. May be in the same singing/dancing class? And depending on when the 'easy' phase was, may have been one of those [moved to Kingsman in 10th grade]. Would want to maintain the relationship afterwards.Probably butt heads a LOT, because Nathanial is a bully. Without a doubt. Being someone who is abstinence only, he will absolutely bring up passive aggressive slutty commentsProbably would have tried to take advantage of Hazel's easy stage, and would have been emotionally manipulative at the very least if something ever did happen. Even if it didn't, he probably tells people it did
Oskar PearceSpider bites, coloured hair, interesting clothes? B would adore Oskar. Though how obvious is it that Oskar puts on a brave face? B would probably admire the constant shifting of personality in different situations, but may play the 'tragedy' to offset the 'comedy' mask that Oskar wearsThey're both cheerleaders, so Nathanial will love Oskar. But will love his willingness to bend and contort himself to fit with Nathanial's own notions. If the bisexuality comes up, Nathanial might fall into the old stereotype and tell Oskar he's just afraid of being GayProbably thinks that Oscar is a 'Beta' and will try to take command of him whenever they interact.

What do you thiiiink?
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