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Welcome to New V6 Pregame Staff
Topic Started: Jan 6 2015, 03:40 PM (1,610 Views)
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Yay, so that means V6 will be the next version!

Congrats for SlaMadDeaTre!

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Congratulations to all the new staff members, and I hope the new role is as successful as people hope! =)
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v6 Relationship Thread Here!
You are all crazy!
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Yaaaaaasss hunties! Slay~ <3
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Jan 7 2015, 09:56 AM
Jan 6 2015, 05:23 PM
i suggest/demand that Tre's official title be Site Mom

congrats guys!
I feel like this was glossed over and I'm pretty bummed about it.
i'm starting a petition
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Mr. Danya
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Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm really looking forward to getting to work with everyone for V6!
V7 Freunde
Hey look I have a relationship thread

V6 Amigos - Spoilers!

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Congrats guys! I promise not to try to subvert your authority for at least a few hours.
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Congrats to the new Staff! I'm looking forward to working you all come V6! :)

I'm glad to see Beta back in action, too. I really appreciated the massive critique you gave me, even if the darn thing was longer than my original profile. It really forced me to actually get a firm handle on my character.

On a totally irrelevant note, if any of you happen to receive an anonymous check in the near future, well, I trust we'll always remain on the best of terms. ;)
Constructive criticism is always welcome! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any pointers or feedback you'd like to share!

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