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Introduction Thread; Introduce Yourself Here!
Topic Started: Jan 4 2009, 06:50 PM (9,388 Views)
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*stands up* My name is Chibi, and I am an addict. No really.

Okay fine fine, I'm not an addict, but I am an RPer, I've been doing forum RPs since 2004, and am quite talented at it. (read: talented, but not enough to avoid getting flamed by the hardcore "1337 roleplayers" for being "inferior" to them)

Although, I have never really been in an RP that was seriously organized, I fear organization. The closest to an organized RP (or series), I've been in was Wings of Red's Shawneekei Nights, and collaboration RP series The Number's Game, both on the same forum.

Anyone from Lulu the Female Foxboy's forum... *looks around* No? Damn, I thought that someone finally knew what the hell I was talking about.

Anyway, I couldn't help but think about how similiar this is to The Number's Game Series, granted, we were often "discouraged" (read: sent PMs every couple of days telling us to quote "stop with the goddamned killing and advance the fucking plot already") from killing eachother in that, but it just ended up happening anyways for some reason... in all 5 RPs. (I killed 7 PCs, 5 NPCs, plus a 4 man search and rescue team in the fourth one... but I just finished reading Dark Rivers of the Heart and should have remembered that those Nevada desert arroyos flood during the rain... oops.)

I commonly make minor slips like that as I have some small issues with my memory and forget things that I deem to be "not important". (How the hell was I supposed to know that something I learned in a Dean Koontz novel would keep me from getting killed in an RP?)

Anyway, truth be told, despite my talent with RPing and writing, I shun organized RPs (this is a major example of how I define "organized") out of fear of screwing up and getting laughed at or flamed.

However, having damaged (read: stepped on) my external hard drive and losing all my notes for RPs I was going to make or had planned for the future (along with five years of my life), not to mention my forum is dying along with my main RP of the moment, I have been pushed to the brink of desperation and am willing to join anything that catches my eye.

And well... this was the first place that caught my eye.

Insulting, right? I know. Don't be offended, it happens. (read: no it doesn't, feel free to be offended by my reasoning for joining)

Anyway, I hope people make me feel welcome here despite the reason I'm joining. (read: my reason is selfish, don't worry about offending me with your anger and hostility, I'm used to it)

Note: the parts where I have the phrase "read:" is just highlighting subtext in my words. (read: its a boring translator's note and or anecdote, ignore it)

*bows* Um... I went on too long... sorry... (read: no, I'm not)
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