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Introduction Thread; Introduce Yourself Here!
Topic Started: Jan 4 2009, 06:50 PM (9,403 Views)
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Whoo! First post!


My name is KI Creeper. The name is because of my hometowns intials are KI, and, well, i'm a creeper. Plus, it's kinda of a cool nickname. Thus, i am proud to be creeper.

I am a Scot-Irish american. I am also proud of that. I also must warn you about something. I am a terrible speller. I am also bad at grammar. I'm sorry about that, but, it runs in my family. (damn genes)

On to intersets. I enjoy several things. Airsoftings, Post apoc fiction ,Drinking Nestea, eating good homecooked food, video games, history, Burn Notice (TV Show), and a little bit of random acting. I do not enjoy anime. I'm sorry, it just does'nt appeal to me. But, it's ok. I will not go on random rants about it. I just won't get some referneces.

Also, i do have a interset in crime. So, my avatar might be...offesne to some. But, to me, it serves as a remandier to the people who died fighting crime

Final thing (i swear), if you guys need any help with a airsoft or paintball question send me a PM.

(Also, i'm active in two post apoc RP areas. So, i'm not that much as a noob)
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