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Topic Started: Oct 29 2014, 08:29 AM (914 Views)
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This probably isn't the right place for that. But sure.

Thanks. I'm sorry though, I just thought this would be a good place to put/ask, the mods + everyone else to see without creating a new thread, going into the chatroom or going to fun/games section, random thoughts, since it's not fun/games and it could get lost too. Don't want people finding out I go here, since the name is uncommon, privacy and all that it'll make me more comfortable. Peeps can still call me regularly on AIM or stuff like that. If it makes it easier, the post/response can be deleted. (I'll clear up this part too)

The big issue with staff replies is that they're rarely a one-person affair unless it's something where we already have a set of protocols completely written up. As such, any reply involves some fairly intensive drafting/discussion.

Yeah, I know what you mean, how it is. Stuff that need discussion are for PM's, if something needs discussion here, or needs to be private, then the response can be delayed if needed as always or taken to PM instead. Just a good 'asking' thread' would make a good place for things sometimes, if it's not needed. Looks like there's an idea you guys have on the backburner too, so maybe that'll be a better plan with all the unified input. This thread was just a suggestion.
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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Awww, but I found the thread fun for simpler suggestions. Sure I fucked up at least once, but there's nothing wrong with like... y'know. Ask for the easier stuff.
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