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Awaiting fate
Topic Started: Aug 7 2014, 06:30 AM (1,170 Views)
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At this point, Ruby was beginning to lose her patience.

Perhaps it was because of all the stress that had been building up since day one. Perhaps it was because of how infectious anger could be sometimes. Or perhaps it was simply because of the aggressive tone Ami was taking. Whatever the reason, Ruby found herself growing more and more furious with Ami with each passing second.

And eventually, it got to the point where she couldn't keep her mouth shut about it anymore.

"Fuck. You."

Ruby returned Ami's glare with one of her own, her hands clutching her jacket as tightly as she could.

"Do you seriously think you're the only person on this island whose had a shitty week? No, I don't know what you've been through the past few days, but what I do know is that several days ago I saw the boy I lost my virginity to die right before my very eyes. Do you have any fucking idea how messed up that is? Knowing that your responsible for getting your best friend killed? That's not the kind of shit you can shrug off easily."

Ruby rubbed her brow furiously, making some attempt to calm herself down.

"I know that I haven't exactly been all that great at making friends. And I know that, sometimes, I tend to act a little aggressive. But can you fucking blame me, knowing that there are people out there who would probably try to kill us on sight the moment they have the chance? Maybe I could have avoided some problems if I acted a little more nicely. Or maybe we'd of died ages ago. Who knows. But one thing I do know is that I'm still alive, so that's got to mean I'm doing something right."

However, despite her best efforts, Ruby's tone then took a significantly more venomous tone.

"So yeah, after hearing you rant on about how we're gonna go find and fucking kill a bunch of people, forgive me for getting a little freaked out. And after seeing you go apeshit on Sara's head, I don't want to see what you do to people who have it coming..."

She looked away, regretting that last part almost instantaneously. She'd said it without really thinking it through, more as an attempt at getting underneath Ami's skin than anything else.

"Look, can we just..."

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash, along with a deafening bang. Quickly following that was the feeling of something suddenly hitting her in the chest, bringing about a painful feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

A second or so later, she felt the area where the impact before looking down at her hand. Blood. Not mistake about it. She was now bleeding from a gunshot wound. And judging from the fact that it was in her chest rather than her back, there was only one person it could have come from.

And sure enough, as she looked up there was Ami, still holding the gun in her hand.

"Y... You fucking bi..." Ruby stammered before tumbling over onto the floor, her hands hopelessly trying to stem the bleeding as her pierced lung filled up with blood. She glanced towards her submachine gun, lying against the bed just a few metres away. If she could just reach it, maybe she could...

No. It was way too late by this point. Besides, what good would it do her. Her vision was already beginning to fade, and her awareness of her surroundings were growing fainter with each passing second. Great, fantastic. After everything she had been through, this was how it was going to end? Shot by the one person she thought she could trust. What a way to go. Worst of all, fate couldn't even allow her the dignity to die fighting.

She coughed a number of times, spewing blood onto the floor. She suspected that she didn't have long to go, probably a minute if she was lucky. During which all she could think about was how much she regretted ever coming to this damned island in the first place. How furious she was with bastards who put her and her friends here. With the people who failed to make sure that this never happened in the first place. With the world and everyone on it for allowing this to happen. And most of all, with herself for being so powerless to do anything about it.

Oddly though, she wasn't mad with Ami. Not as much as she was initially.

"S... Sorry..."

After all, thanks to her, Ruby was finally at peace.

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It took a minute for Ami to remember how to breathe. That was the only note of regret she showed. At least, outwardly.

Ruby wasn't like Sara. Sara was an accident. She meant to kill Sean but Sara stepped in front of her. Yet Ruby said how she felt. Ami pulled the trigger for herself and no one else. A voice told her to shoot Ruby but the voice was not a voice. Ruby's death was completely, jarringly, all-encompassingly selfish and Ami didn't feel anything when she saw the light leave her eyes.

Fuck the plan. Fuck everything. Ami was done. Done with this bullshit.

She walked over to Ruby. She knelt down in front of her. She kissed her forehead, not because she wanted to, but because Ruby said she was sorry.

She said nothing.

She picked up Maynard's gun. It was in Ruby's pocket. She had the scalpel. It was in her back pocket. She picked up the bag labeled G072 She didn't pick up Ruby's machine gun. She didn't take her ballistic knife. She didn't take Maynard's spear.

The only other bag she picked up was the one labeled B049. The Frankenstein was in there. Her extra shirt was in there too.

She threw it over Ruby's head.

"Say hi to Brian for me."

(Ami Flynn continued in All at Once, the Consequences; )

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