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All for You; Oneshot
Topic Started: May 29 2014, 12:35 AM (909 Views)
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((Mirabella Strong continued from Two Opponents))

In a secluded room of the apartment complexes, Bella gave herself to the darkness.

She’d awoken not long after Ami had left her there, enwrapped warmly in the blankets of a modest bedroom and her whole body drenched in sweat. A splitting headache that still throbbed harshly made the whole world seem aflame, even without factoring the emotions that were tearing through her like a hurricane. The first was confusion, disbelief at the fact that one moment she’d been standing blood-splattered over the body of a murderous bitch, happy for the first time in forever, and the next alone in some foreign place, with only the remnants of her belongings and her shallowed breathing for company.

The next was anger, pure undulated rage that ran violently through her system as the realisation of what had happened hit her like a train.

Ami had left her here, abandoned her without a by-your-leave or word of farewell, knocked her very breath out of her just seconds after she’d saved her from what had to be certain death. She’d lowered herself to that level, let herself unleash all of that anger and bottled emotion onto someone, beyond what she’d truly needed to, all for Ami.

And she’d called it fun.

Because what else was there to call it? Anything else would've been to wholeheartedly acknowledge what she’d done, accept that there was some other way of going about things, and in the moment it’d seemed the only thing - the right thing - to do, but here, with the very person she’d done it for having dropped her without a word of warning, things seemed very different. She’d finally felt like she’d belonged, like she’d done some good in her life, like she’d found a true ally amidst everybody who’d left her. And then Ami had abandoned her, just like everybody else, and left her here; violated that one sliver of trust she’d had remaining, drained the last droplet from what’d once been an endless well.

In a single movement, Bella threw off the covers of her bed and propelled herself towards where her bags were positioned and roughly tossed the contents about her, disregarding her rations and the like almost immediately upon the sight of Ami’s farewell present.

It was Katarina’s kama, glinting slightly in the morning sunlight and with the faintest layer of blood still latched upon its blade.

Her fingers curled around the handle and delicately lifted it up, holding the weapon at her eyeline. She stood like that for half a minute, sickle only a few inches away from her face, expression blank as she took in every inch of the metal and its wooden handle, eyes tracing over every bead of blood and shimmer of light that danced along its length as everything that’d happened to her over the past week replayed itself in her mind. It made her feel sick, every image causing her to bite back nausea as it churned within her stomach. But only for a little while. It was soon overtaken by a white hot anger that burned within her chest and rapidly spread through the rest of her body, black poking sharply at the corners of her vision.

In one fell swoop Bella threw the sickle against the opposing wall and it collided with it in a dull thud, puffs of plaster exploding outwards in its wake.

She retrieved her blade from where it’d landed with a rough tug and slipped it into the waistband of her jeans, pulling her bag back over her shoulders. The announcement was playing behind her, but it fell on deaf ears - only faintly audible behind her suddenly ragged breath and the violent drumming of her heartbeat and the harsh buzzing in her ears.

She’d spent the last few days in search of a purpose, flitting from goal to goal, always with a hand to guide her along the way, and every time it’d fallen apart and she’d been left to pick up the pieces.

Everybody gave up on her, everybody left her. No exceptions.

Aria, Francis, Megan, Garrett, Ami... all she’d ever tried to do was be her best, be useful, do everything that was in her power for them, lowered herself further than she’d ever thought possible, and it’d reaped her nothing but heartbreak and pain in return.

But this time, things would be different.

She’d show them why nobody should ever give up on her.

Make sure they knew just how useful she could be.

((Mirabella Strong continued in Glass))
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