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V6 Concepts Thread
Topic Started: Apr 5 2014, 01:39 PM (12,335 Views)
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i'm not upset
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Uhhh okay

Caleb Diamond: Scruffy one half of a pair of identical twins. You might mistake him for homeless if you didn't know him very well. Walks with a noticeable slouch and is always wearing a beanie and is easily distinguishable from his more upbeat twin with better posture. He's a bit of a slacker and dabbles in mostly weed, though is aware there is a time and place for it and doesn't show up high to inappropriate places like school. He's kind of a grumpy old man in the body of an 18 year old and it's sometimes hard to tell when he's ribbing people (will greet almost all friends with "UGH, this asshole is back.") and when he's genuinely upset.

Though lazy, he is very intelligent like his twin. They both spend a lot of free time reading and learning, though he doesn't show his knowledge off much. Caleb is a bit of a history buff. He spends a lot of time playing video games, reading comics and wandering around the internet, places like 4chan and the deep web. He is also an avid skateboarder. His prickly shell hides it, but he has low self-esteem and gets depressed sometimes. Some of this is due to the fact that his identical twin is more social and well liked. He has bad problems with insomnia.

Adrian Flores: Not much info on this one yet. Generally nice dude. I have it roughly sketched out that both his parents were military and one died in combat and the other died some mundane way like car crash. He goes to live with the grandparents who are like...maybe second or third generation Mexicans but very LA RAZA and try to push that on kid. They are also very into the idea of him going to the army and he's very uneasy about that. He's peaceful, helpful. On the soccer team

Kat Zorra: Vibrant half Mexican half Vietnamese girl. Got in trouble at her rough school in LA for breaking a girl's nose and was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Kingman. She is a happy, loud person with a disregard for rules and not much filter in what she says. She's part of the roller derby team and likes hip hop and break dancing as well. She does fairly well in school and has an after school job as a tutor. As long as one stays on her good side, she's generally nice. She's quick to anger, but quick to forgive too, and will be friends the next day after a fight.
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