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V6 Concepts Thread
Topic Started: Apr 5 2014, 01:39 PM (12,332 Views)
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Have at it!

The only for sure concept I have for V6 is an aspiring goaltender for the Women's intenational hockey team.
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Walt Esiason - 18, Male - Pro Wrestling, Basketball, Fashion.
Hazel "Jojo" Jo - 18, Female - Track, Business, Student Council.
Mitzi Schuhmacher - 19, Female - Wood work, Urbex, Keytar.

Edit: I'll edit these more later.
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Mine have been conceptualized for a while.

Ryder Jones:
My first idea is a bit of a golden boy. Basketball star, volunteers at shelters and such, and outwardly seems the good wholesome Christian boy. He comes across as a cool, nice guy; but, he has a lot of anxiety. His adoptive parents are more fundamentalist, while he’s more liberal in his faith, and struggles sometimes to reconcile his faith with theirs. So he ends up being a bit neurotic, coupled with a lot of social anxiety from being afraid of offending people. He also does yoga and enjoys gardening to relax.

Adam Bishop
Next up is pretty much the opposite. A bit of a hipster (complete with fedora ><), this guy’s an ass. He writes for the school newspaper just to screw with people by making shit up. He trolls internet forums because he really likes screwing with people. He’s pretty much a major troll and a dick. He enjoys conspiracy theories and occult shows like Destination Truth and Ancient Aliens just because they’re funny, though he does have some belief in the more realistic ideas. His parents are basically super boring and apathetic about him so he has free reign and no respect for authority.

Sadie Smith
For my final trick, my one girl because I write loads of girls. Coddled by her overprotective parents from a young age, and grew up isolated from making friends. This was not helped by her skipping third grade. Eventually however, she got fed up, and they let her have some more freedom. Without a lot of social experience, she’s a bit awkward, but she’s very bubbly and really likes to be around people. Sadie is in first robotics (with the rest of the cool kids), and on the soccer team, but also reads a lot and plays piano. She has a fondness for butterflies.
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Fiyori Senay - The Nihilist

Sole daughter of Eritian immigrants. Very tall. Formal speech pattern. Got huge sight problems. Loves listening and making music. Existential nihilst. Distaste for people with visions and ambitions. Quite intelligent, but lazy. Thread title theme will be something about philosophical concepts.

Theophylaktos "Theo" Dewir - The Asshole

Greek/Turkish background. Very small, frail physique. Selfish, charming, manipulative and occasionally delusional. Also sucks at long-term planning, impulse control and emotional intelligence. Has a vested interest in psychology, hence his theme will be something about psychology.

Aleksander Virtanen - The ?

My soapbox.
Fiyori Senay

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Alright! I have a few ideas for V6. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Parker Lucci: Parker is the all-American golden boy. He's the oldest of three kids and lives in a stable nuclear family. He is fairly attractive and likes to take care of his health, being a vegetarian and avoids narcotics. He is on the school's track team and likes to run in his free time. He aspires to be a doctor, so he tries to stay on top of his classes and aim for medical school in his future. He also likes to tutor other students. Parker is someone who can get along with others well, although he tends to be bothered by bullies and other rude people.

Nagisa Riva: The younger of two children born to a pair of photographers, Nagisa is half-French and half-Japanese, although she has lived in America since she was two. Nagisa took up photography when she was young, and spends most of her time taking pictures and aspiring to be a professional photographer. As she got older, she started to get into goth culture, and started applying it to her photography aesthetic. She's a pretty blunt and snarky individual and has a low tolerance for idiocy. She can get on some people's nerves with her mouth, and has gotten into trouble in the past for it. She also has a small interest in journalism and has some interest in photojournalism.

Noah Whitley: Noah is an only child who grew up with a single mom, his father having died when he was four. Noah is loud, eccentric, and likes to make people happy. Noah is a fan of comedy, watching a lot of comedy movies and stand up specials. He hopes to be a comedian when he gets older, so he tries to work on his comedy when he can. While he primarily does stand-up, he has experimented with doing character playing, doing stand-up as various characters, including Regis O. Rockefeller (a parody of rich, old, white men), Pina Bucket (a drag character and parody of young Hollywood starlets), and Dieter Ritus (a fat, unemployed sad sack). Noah is also gay, having come out in his sophomore year of high school.
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me rn

Bridgette Sommerfeld: The youngest of four children in a Jewish family, Bridgette grew up listening to her whiny siblings bemoan high school and whatever problems she was sure she'd encounter in the future. This resulted in both nervousness for her future and a determination for hard work. You could call Bridgette an overachiever; student council, generally good student, orchestra, etc. She also has a fondness for costume design and ballet, and is the Team Dad of the ballet death squad. While fairly quiet and passive, she is a loyal friend and fairly popular as well. Generally practical, down-to-earth and somewhat of a realist.

Emil Michels: Eldest son of two French immigrants (one half-Haitian, one Lebanese), his parents have more of a backstory than he does. The basic gist of it is that he has a fairly ambitious mother who wanted to move to the US. Lived in New York City for a little while, then moved to Upstate NY after his little sister Yasmin was born. Mother got a teaching job in the V6 Hometown just as his youngest brother is born, so they moved yet again at the beginning of his sophomore year. Started up vlogging to keep in touch with his friends back in NY. Wannabe actor/comedian and shameless furry. Not many people think highly of him, but he is fairly friendly and laid-back, if not a little snarky. Confident, but has little patience and is somewhat lazy. Superstitious to a fault.

Ryan Paul Bautista: Middle child of two Filipino immigrants, a ray of sunshine and generally cheery & optimistic. Somewhat of a momma's boy and mostly helps out around the house. Raised Baptist and a member of a small but tight-knit Filipino Baptist church, Ryan's a devout Christian but tends to keep it to himself. Boy Scout, loves cars, winter and geography. Not popular, but friendly to most. Somewhat stubborn and impulsive, naive to an extent and very clumsy.

They are mostly solid concepts, though subject to slight change. Thoughts/constructive criticism welcome!

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Aw yiss.

Min-jae Parker: Goth artist with a few anger issues. Half-Korean and a practicing Buddhist, gay but hasn't realized it yet.

Nathan Lovegrove: Ballet dancer with aspirations to become an instructor. Laidback and a little melancholy, has dyslexia and puts a lot of effort into school.

Sasha Fury (yes that's totally a real surname, I looked it up): dominatrix Stoner and gamer girl. A car and motorcycle junkie, step-sister to Doc's space marine,
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MrMissMrs Random
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Oooohhhhh. Here are some small things I have so far.

Adelaide Walker- Self-important busy-body. Comes from a privileged background, with her mother working as a well-known divorce attorney and her father is a chef that owns a small chain of high-class restaurants. Tall and tries to wear elegant clothes/ Adelaide expects the world to fall at her feet- and if not, her being able to trample it into submission. Tries to appear calm most of the time but her ruthless streak appears more often than not.

Tiresias Morales- Of Hispanic descent and lives with mother in a second-hand bookstore. His mother Isabel was an rising poet in his childhood but since then has hit a creative block in trying to get her work published. Lived with relatives for most of his childhood and relationship with Isabel is less mother-son and one of roommates in some ways because of this. Self-sufficient in many ways, and acts far more tired than the average teenager. Has no knowledge of his father. Naturally big and a bit stocky, unlike his more slender mother. Oskar Pearce is an employee at his mother's shop.

Edit: Ideas and criticism are super appreciated!
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Frederick "Rick" Brea- N/A
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Hiiiiiiiiii everybody! So, I’m really excited to see all of these new concepts everybody’s cooking up! They all seem like a fun bunch of kids! If you want anybody to, like, critique/go over them for you, then I’m totally down to and you should hit me up about it - though I probably wouldn’t be all that much help. XD

On a personal front, here are my conceptsssss, which go to show that I cannot practice brevity for the life of me! I’d totally love to start talking relationships and ideas and stuff (so PM me and I’ll love you forever~), and any criticism and whatnot would be way awesome! c:

Version Seven:
Tristan O’Hara
Dorothea Rodriguez
Ariana Simpson

Past Characters:
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Posted Image

Alex Darby

Jacob Brooks

Ulysses "Motherfucking" Fury"
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SotF Characters

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All right, I've got some blueprints laid out right here. Any criticism would be appreciated.

Barry Banks- Barry is a talented member of the school soccer team. He's been playing since he was a kid, and wants to go pro once he graduates. However, he is very humble about his skill, and has a tendency to brush off particularly spectacular plays as "just good luck". He is a very pleasant person to be around in general thanks to his friendly personality. He is also very trusting, but this trait is a double-edged sword for him, as it has caused him to be a victim of pranks by fellow students time and time again.

Bart Cappotelli- An obese Italian-blooded student with a rough-looking face, acne scars, and a medical condition that causes him to smell bad no matter how much he washes. Despite all that, Bart is an extremely friendly and good-hearted person. He isn't part of any school clubs or teams, but he is an animation enthusiast, with Gravity Falls as his favorite show of all time. He isn't totally sure what he wants to do for a living yet, but he's leaning toward a career in animation.

Rene Wolfe- Rene is an overweight comedienne-in-training. She always seems to have a joke or quip for any given situation, even when one isn't quite appropriate. She takes any opportunity she can to practice her routine, and has taken the stage at school talent shows multiple times. However, her only issue with school shows is that she has to "reign in" her more raunchy material. Also, she loves spiders, and doesn't really get why other people would be afraid of them.
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I've got quite a few concepts at various stages of existence, so these could definitely change at any given moment.

Bryony Adams-A shy, timid girl attempting to break out of her shell. Naturally shy and with a difficulty talking to other people, an incident at a young age resulting in her breaking her wrist combined with a younger sister who delights in making fun of Bryony resulted in this being even more of an issue. For a good deal of her life, Bryony has spent much of her free time inside, playing her dad's old collection of video games, drawing or writing about said video games, and watching TV shows such as The Amazing Race and online shows such as Red Vs Blue. Recently, however, Bryony has been making a serious attempt to socialise more and expand her group of friends, which has had positive results, due to her optimistic and polite nature

Astrid Tate-Incredibly determined since a young age, Astrid looked up to one person and one person alone; her mother, a doctor. She saw nothing more admirable than being able to heal people and potentially save lives, and with such a lofty goal in mind, she made certain not to let anything get in her way, working her hardest at anything that came at her. Aged 12, however, an accident at school resulted in Astrid losing the sight in her right eye, thanks to somebody firing paper wads out of a rubber band at her. Astrid now wears an eye-patch over that eye, and if anything, the incident spurred her on even more. She still wants to be a doctor, and maintains that she can keep up with the rest of the girl's soccer team. Her determination veers into stubbornness at times, however, and she's irritated many of her classmates in this manner.

Aaaaand currently undecided between

Mia Stiles-Coming from a large family with an even larger love of sports, it was almost inevitable that Mia would follow in the footsteps of her brothers. Where she differs from them is the sheer volume of sports that she plays. Whilst her brothers play a single sport each, football or basketball mostly, Mia swims, plays soccer and does BMX cycling, along with recently trying out for the cheerleading squad. There is one clear downside to this, of course; it leaves Mia with very little time for school work, and consequently her grades are generally poor. Despite her confident, energetic demeanor, Mia is torn between continuing to do poorly or to give up the things she loves. A small fire which broke out in her room at a young age has left Mia terrified of fire.


Jarvis Hart-Some people have all the luck. Jarvis is talented at football, is good at talking with people and is pretty darn intelligent to boot. Despite this, he doesn't let his success go to his head; quite the opposite, as he's fairly quiet most of the time, although definitely friendly when he does socialise. He's a popular guy, but despite his popularity, he doesn't want people to know perhaps his biggest interest; video games and the internet.


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Current concepts for V6:

Brianna Barzani – aka “Jeffrica”; Vain, arrogant, compulsive liar. Third generation Kurdish immigrant whose grandparents fled Turkey in the seventies with their two sons. Close to her uncle, who is a slimy con-man. Interested in magic tricks and slight of hand. Never play cards against her. Most definitely not a sociopath, and probably broke up with Ulysses for the fifteenth time this week for suggesting that she was. Totes BFFs with Ulysses' step-sister Sasha.

Jitender “Jay” Suri - Alternative hip-hop artist with anger issues. Tall and kind of gangly, always dressing in clothes that are too big. Only child of Indian American immigrants. Constantly stoned. Book-smart and politically conscious (and extremely liberal). Bullied in childhood and frustrated with his position in life, and clashes frequently with his family, especially his aggressive and fairly bigoted father. Closeted bisexual and incredibly uncomfortable with sexuality of any kind.

Still working on ideas for my potential third character. I'm thinking of making someone obnoxiously quirky and then never playing it for comedy.
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Got a couple of character concepts for V6 so far.

Josh Bailey - The son of a pair of wealthy business entrepreneurs, he's grown up to be rather spoilt and is used to getting his way. He's an only child and his parents never paid a great deal of attention to him, leading to his rather obnoxious and somewhat arrogant personality. He's got a few friends and is fairly intelligent, and intends to study business at University. Josh likes to see himself as a suave, lovable rogue who's popular with the ladies and splashes out on expensive items to show off to others, totally unaware of the fact that quite a few people see him as annoying and smug. Privately he's somewhat insecure behind his loud persona and has bullied other kids in the past. Physically, he's fairly tanned and muscular and stands at 5'11, with dark brown eyes and hair.

Jordan Royce - A fairly quiet person, Jordan's great love in life is art. Having started drawing from a fairly young age, he intends to continue studying it after leaving school and intends to draw for comic books someday. Coming from a fairly large family, he is the youngest of three brothers and has a somewhat rocky relationship with his parents, who constantly push him to improve his somewhat average grades and want him to take up a more academic subject like his brothers before him. The only person in his family that fully supports his artistic hobby is his Jamaican grandmother, who lives with his family and often provides him with art supplies. At school Jordan has a small circle of friends and mostly keeps to himself, though he's happy to help out others and works well in group projects. He's fairly tall at 6'3 and in decent physical shape, with cropped black hair and the beginnings of a beard on his chin.
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Oh, are we doing this already? Awesomeeee. These are obviously not final things but here. (Haven't decided on my final kid yet, need to do more research.)

Danny Brooks – Twin brother of Jacob Brooks, with similar interests and a totally different personality. An aspiring dancer with confidence levels off the charts. Very friendly, very flirty, and not intentionally malicious, but he tends to be very flighty and insensitive when it comes to the feelings of others. Will often distract from any uncomfortably emotional moments with jokes or a change in conversation, and find an out whenever possible. Big on comic books (though this he prefers to keep a secret due to its association with nerdiness) and rollerblading. Currently having a lot of arguments with his dad who wants him to pursue a college football thing, while Danny would rather just go off and be a dancer.

Clarice Thompson – A girl who's been learning how to wrestle since she was a little kid. Also has an interest in film-making, with an intent to go into that career, as well as a huge love of any media to do with romance. Quite bubbly and energetic, polite and when angry usually expresses it in a passive-aggressive way. Has some insecurities regarding her size, as though it helps in a wrestling context it makes her feel like an elephant in a wig around her classmates at times.
V6 Characters

V5 Characters
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