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The Crazy Kids; Day 7, early morning
Topic Started: Apr 2 2014, 11:27 PM (1,416 Views)
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Rachael tried to speak as Eliza left, but couldn't say anything. She sighed. She had said all that she wanted to say to those two, and all they could do was say "no." They couldn't argue against her, they couldn't even try to defend their actions, it was just "no" and then goodbye.

Tyler said she was stronger than she looked before running off after Eliza, leaving Rachael alone in the school parking lot. She didn't know what to do then. Tyler could say she was strong, but she wasn't sure if she believed him or not. It was one thing to say she was strong as assurance, but she wasn't sure if he could accurately assess her based off one short conversation.

If there was one thing she realized, it was that people weren't going to change at this point. Tyler and Eliza had decided long ago that they were going to settle down the paths they've chosen, and no one could change their minds. Rachael shook her head in frustration. She was never going to understand why they were doing what they were doing, and they were never going to understand her concerns.

Rachael swung her bag around and opened it up. She searched through the contents before pulling out Katarin's knife. She was terrified of the knife before, and she thought putting it away would make things easier. But there was no point in denying it. There were only so many people left, and all of them would probably turn violent. The next few days were not going to be any easier, and she'd have to be ready for what would come.

Rachael tucked the knife in her pants pocket and closed her bag. She readjusted the bag and began to walk away from the school. She could easily unsheathe the knife if she needed to, not that she wanted to. She just needed to be ready for what will come next.

((Rachael Langdon continued in "Though We May Not Survive it..."))
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