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Schwarze Rosen; [PRIVATE]
Topic Started: Mar 29 2014, 03:23 AM (1,786 Views)
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He asked him how they were to proceed. Paris practically beamed.

"I suppose just as we have. Find a place to stay indoors during the day and barricade it, then move at night if we run out of supplies. I think we'll be fine as long as we stay together and keep our wits about us."

He reached out one hand and touched the metal collar around the other boy's neck. His spider-like fingers danced around it, starting from behind his head and running down until they'd reached the front.

"I trust you," he said quietly.

His fingers close around the metal and he pulled Joachim in by the neck. He brought his head down and bumped it lightly against Joachim's.

"And you trust me," he said happily, eyes closed. He held onto the collar. Paris lifted his head and walked, holding onto it for a second so as to tug Joachim in his direction and then let go.

"Come, let's pack up and find somewhere to barricade," he said cheerfully.

((Paris Ardennes continued in Something Something Movie Reference))
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(Speeding up the exit to avoid explosions)

Trust. What an interesting development. Joachim had assumed Paris appreciated him, found him useful enough to replace Cho, perhaps even enjoyed his company, but he never would have considered that Paris trusted him.

As he tugged his collar forward slightly and Joachim found himself following along in obedient lock step without conscious thought, he concluded that he trusted him as well. His sheer confidence and assurance was almost infectious, given the circumstances. On most people, this far into their captivity, it would register as weakness. A simple misunderstanding of their situation. He knew that Paris understood, though.

Cho moved through his mind. Her uneasiness with his presence. The panic when she'd woken him up. The blood spilled over her betrayal. Paris's calm, easy reassurance over his culpability, never once stirring from that pleasant, confident demeanor he'd maintained since they first met.

Yes, Paris understood their situation, and while Joachim didn't quite understand him, that was enough. He knew that whatever their ultimate goal was, Paris would direct him appropriately.

As thanks, he would follow to the best of his abilities, and attempt to die at the appropriate time.

((Joachim Lovelace continued in Something Something Movie Reference))
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