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Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest; Open!
Topic Started: Feb 16 2014, 03:12 PM (1,451 Views)
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Zubin was now allowed to cry now. Given that Mara's knee or whatever had likely just pounded his testicles into paste, he was now in indescribable pain. As such, he only really remembered the general gist of Mara's speech, which to put it mildly was "No, I would not like to join in on your plans or ally with you. Also, I think you should have asked me to put on clothes first."

As he continued watching her (and who could really blame him, she did have at least two guns), she did the one thing that he didn't want her to do: she threw the notepad onto some other rocks, which, while relatively dry, were across from some water. Then she left the area. Zubin just lay in the fetal position and waited for what seemed to be an eternity for the pain to subside.

When it did, he looked at the notepad, so close and yet so far, as he advanced towards it as close as he could without getting wet. Crap. Couldn't jump the distance. He took off his hat and sweatshirt and put them in his bag. He was going to regret this.

Five minutes later, he put the notepad back in his bag, and walked off, soaked to the bone.

((Zubin Wadia continued in Drawing to an End))
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