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V5 BKA/BDA Voting: February 2014
Topic Started: Feb 10 2014, 06:00 PM (1,547 Views)

BKA: Travis Webster

I want to vote for Mara. I really do. But I have a problem with letting the same character win BKA twice in a row. Just a personal bias for me. I'm going with Travis because, considering I read this before the awards ever went up, it still sticks out to me way more than the rest of the kills available. It gave off this Battle Royale vibe that I kind of dug at the time. Also, on an ooc level, I just came out of it smiling. From peeking back at the thread before it, I get the impression that Delroy has been sitting in suspense for months, waiting for the right moment to have Travis strike. It also has none of that, dignified crap that I've been seeing that's a real pet peeve of mine. It sounds like Delroy was having fun with the scene. You can feel it from each little word he typed into every last post and I don't

Honestly if this were any normal round, these wouldn't be great grounds to vote for someone. No offense but I don't have much to choose from here, and even though it isn't perfect, it's nice to see someone like Delroy letting loose and giving this whole 'playing' thing a shot. Especially considering we've had a drought of them for the first half of V5.

BDA: Summer Simms

Holy shit what a way to go out. How fitting too. Even seconds before Mara is about to put a cap in her head, she's worried about the cameras watching her, how people see her. The last few sentences cement almost everything Mimi was building up for the past couple of months. It feels like Mimi knew how Summer's death was supposed to go right around she finished killing Naomi. It's really cool to see it all come around full circle. I had a lot more choice for BDA than I did BKA, but in my mind Summer's is really the only choice. Also, no offense, no name calling, no judging, but this is my opinion; at least Summer's death didn't make me giggle like an idiot.

Honorary mentions go to Karen Idle and Cyrus White because their death posts were tailored to the characters without being preachy. They were given the stage for one post and they gave it their all here, both of them. Also Paulo Abbate. How blunt.

If anyone gives Gavin the BDA I'm seriously going to quit this community
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BKA: Hansel Williams
What stands out to me particularly about Hansel's kill is that it's a well choreographed fight that manages to both have a sense of some real time passing yet also flow quickly and smoothly, in an easily-read fashion. Hansel's had a string of pretty good kills, ones that aren't particularly flashy, but that advance his characterization and move his story along. This one, in particular, serves as closure for one of his earliest arcs, and leaves him with a lot of places to go with its fallout. It's opened up a lot of possibilities, and I'm excited to see where it takes him.

BDA: Jesse Jennings
Jesse's death was very well-handled because of how it flowed with his voice and his narrative. All this time, Jesse's confidence has been front and center, leading him slowly into more and more questionable courses of action. Here, he finds himself mutilating a corpse in a vague hope of finding some way to escape. It's desperate and crazy, but it sure never feels that way from Jesse's point of view. When he dies, it's a sudden shock, something he can't quite process due to his confidence, and so he doesn't. It's quick, yet the entire setting of the scene leaves it brutal and disturbing, which takes a lot of skill to handle tastefully.

The competition for BDA this month was tough, and I'd like to give a particular nod to Karen Idel as well, for a job extremely well done.
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Guess T?

BKA: Hansel Williams

I really loved the entire fight scene between Hansel and Theo. It flowed well, it was realistic, it was pretty flipping brutal, too. No real fancy reasons behind this, I'm just a sucker for well-written fight scenes, I guess.

BDA: Jesse Jennings

Jesse's always been a kid who simply exploded with personality, and that definitely shined bright in his death, especially right before he, well, exploded. Jesse having delusions of grandeur instants before everything blew up in his face was a great end to a great character.
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