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Little Red Reaper
Topic Started: Dec 15 2013, 10:35 PM (486 Views)
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((Jaquilyn Locke continued from Rendezvous))

Her legs ached. She'd left her food behind, she'd left the knife behind. She'd forgotten to search Grace's bag too. There might have been another weapon or even more food. Her run slowed to a walk. There was still nothing but trees around. As noon approached, the sunlight actually seemed to be getting dimmer. The skies were greying, and looking heavier and heavier with rain. She put her hands on her knees and hunched forward. She'd gotten far enough away, it was time to put the plan into action.


She looked up to the sky and cupped her hands around her mouth, hoping her voice would rise above the trees and carry across as much island as possible. She tightened her core as she shouted. Cheerleaders knew how to project.


It sounded so terrible. Everyfuckingthing had become so backwards.


There was no response. She couldn't really say she was expecting one, but it would at least be nice to know that people were getting the message.


This wasn't enough. She leaned back forward and took deep breaths. This wasn't nearly enough.

She'd caught her breath enough to start running again.

((Jaquilyn Locke continued in Do You Know Who I am?))
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