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SOTF: The Game; Reservation and Progress thread
Topic Started: Dec 15 2013, 04:08 PM (2,064 Views)
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are you upset?
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Based on the interest in the previous thread, I'm gonna go ahead and open the character reservations now! Unfortunately, there are only a limited amount of spots (20) due to the nature of the game and the length I'd like it to be, so it's first come first serve. I apologize in advance if anyone who was interested missed the cut-off! That said, it's a 1 character per handler limit, unless we don't have enough handlers, in which case participating handlers will be allowed to create a second character with the caveat that your second character is the opposite gender of the first.

Our kids are all Sophomores at Calvin Street Senior High, or CSSH, located in Rochester, New York. Planted firmly in middle class, CSSH sees its fair share of students from both the upper-middle and lower-middle class and serves as something of a melting pot of social statuses. CSSH is well known for its Football Team and its high graduation rate, with many graduates moving on to Syracuse University at the recommendation of alumni Principal Rutherford. The school colors are red, black, and white and the mascot is the Fighting Bulldog. The Game is set in late March of 1998 and is the equivalent of 1998 America and is the first of its unique brand of terrorism.

To start, reserve either a female or male spot. As mentioned before, it's first come, first serve. Once the roster is full, I'll release a profile template to be used. As a note when creating your character, I'd like to consider The Game more relaxed than v5 in the realism department, so feel free to be imaginative, but not outlandish. Please also take into consideration that these kids will likely have relationships with their class-mates, given that they're all in the same homeroom. While I'm open to loner type characters and the such, bear in mind that a game full of loners would not make for a very exciting game at all would it?


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Reserving a girl!
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V7 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids!
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Une gurrrrrrrrrrrl, please! c:
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Put me down for a spot for the guys, please.
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Gimmie a gurl spot gurl.

Also I secretly want Jeremy Franco included as a secret character.

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I want to be a girl.
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Do I get a guy, pwetty please?
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Uhh, put me down for a giiirl, I do believe.


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aaaaaagh decisions are hard

Put me in with a girl, I guess.
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A guy please.
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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I'll throw in, spot for a male please!
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Reserving a girl, please.
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Boy(if free, I dunno because so many ppl post)
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