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SOTF: The Video Game; interest check
Topic Started: Dec 15 2013, 08:40 AM (1,029 Views)
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We've spoken about this already but yeah I'm on board and will help you with as much as I can.

Also I will be submitting a character.
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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Sure. I'll help.
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Yes yes yes yes this sounds awesome Mimi! I've honestly wondered how SOTF would work as a video game.

Have you thought about how you'll be making the game? If it's a visual novel then Ren'Py would be your best choice, though if it's going to be more text-driven then Twine would work. (Twine is basically Interactive Fiction but cool and online.) I've dabbled a little bit in both so if you need any help getting started I could send a hand!

Also I call dibs on having a character in here, this sounds so damn cool.

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are you upset?
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@RC: The decisions will be minimal and won't change the overall story, just because it'd be a mess trying to get every other POV to match the details! There may be silly inconsequential choices, like reacting with members of your group and such!

@Loco: That'd be really hard to accomplish for reason's mentioned above! I'd have to go through and have a bunch of different event strings that all match with the single one. So if you choose the save the first person from dying, every other story has to follow that same detail and it'd get messy and confusing! Maybe if I ever do a sequel I'll try and figure out a way to make it so that no path is ever the same :p

@NotagirlJill: That's sorta what I'm doing! I'm sorry I accidentally stole your idea :c. Each character will almost play as their own 'chapter' of sorts, where you see their POV and their flashbacks and such and watch them grow as the main character, whereas if they appear if someone else's story, they're moreso supporting characters.

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In. Would love to submit a character, play, whatever. :)
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This sounds incredibly rad. Definitely going to be submitting a character!
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Reading this through, this idea sounds, Psychedelic! :}
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Grim Wolf
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The Very Best
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The only skill I really have is writing. If you need someone to help on that front, I'd be delighted to be a part of this.
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MrMissMrs Random
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This is an incredible idea! I would love to help with characters or in any other way I am able to.
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Mr. Danya
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Gurl you know I could be all about submitting a character for this.
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