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It's a Sign with Neon and Everything
Topic Started: Dec 3 2013, 03:59 PM (1,238 Views)
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Joseph awoke somewhat early in the morning, having found the extremely cramped tent uncomfortable and being unable to fall asleep much longer, though not for lack of trying. Perhaps it was the constant life or death situation, perhaps it was the mild headache he’d somehow attained overnight, but he simply couldn’t get some shut eye. His eyes were still closed when the morning announcements rolled on. He sat up almost immediately, and the announcements of danger zones stirred him awake faster than a coffee ever could.
He carefully maneuvered himself to the tent to leave without much fuss (though it was, admittedly, still awkward due to his largeness) and grabbed his duffel bag from on top of the rotting picnic table, which he had almost considered sleeping under. He was happy that he’d be able to feel the comforts of a roof over his head again, at least. Bags in his eyes, Joseph set forth with everyone else in what he hoped was the way to the convenience store. And with any luck, he would find it exactly the way he left it.

((Joseph Chaplin continued in I Better Light Another Candle))
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