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Falling Slowly; Open
Topic Started: Nov 28 2013, 12:04 PM (793 Views)
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"Yeah, that's fine. Or, if we chicken out, we can come back. Either way, let's get going."

Alex headed towards the entrance of the room, planning out how they could go about doing this. They might have to cut through the lobby to save time; in fact, maybe that was the better idea than just going around the back of the hotel. There wouldn't be any surprises.

Oh, and before he forgot...

"Hey, don't forget your shoes," Alex smirked. They weren't going to be playing that game ever again.

((Alexander de Gaulle continued elsewhere))
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Sophie nodded in agreement with Alex's statement. Having a place to return to would be helpful in case they needed to, and it wasn't likely someone would check each room for people. Sophie began to follow Alex out when he reminded her about her shoes. She looked down and saw her bare feet.

"Oh yeah. Thanks," she said, chuckling.

She ran back and grabbed her sandals, quickly slipping her feet back into them and tightening the Velcro straps. Something felt just right about wearing the right shoes again. She then hurried back over to Alex and followed him out of the room.

You can do this. Be strong. Be strong for him.

((Sophie McDowell continued in A Classy Place to Meet))
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