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New General SOTF Discussion Thread; Yep
Topic Started: Nov 20 2013, 11:42 AM (21,065 Views)
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profiles are in a weird spot where i'd only call them "essential" within a really brief window, but they def have a lot of utility throughout the whole game

basically, a lot of the basic info in a profile is obsolete from the moment a character is first posted with on-island. appearances + clothing are gonna change dramatically, as are less obvious things like attitudes, behaviors, motivations, even advantages/disadvantages. profiles can't be edited to accommodate this stuff, so the only surefire way to get all that info is to actually follow a character's narrative. that's why reading everyone you're interacting with is common courtesy bordering on requirement- it's really, really obvious when someone tries to write around actual knowledge of a character.

profiles are always great for refreshers on broad-stroke stuff tho, like ethnicity and general background. since this is stuff most people won't feel the need to reinforce much in their narrative typically, i'd call it required reading as far as the very basics go.

so you should feel free to assume familiarity with both your character's profile + their narrative. only exception would be pre-game stuff, which you might need to revisit a little if you're gonna reference
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